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Is Your Retail Store Safe and Secure?

With retail stores, it’s very important that you stay on top of safety and security. The slightest slip in safety measures could result in hefty losses. In cases of theft and data breaches, your business reputation could take a hit which can affect your bottom line and your goodwill in the market. 

This is why you need to be prepared by employing the correct safety and security measures to avoid any harmful incidences. 

If you don’t have measures in place, you should look to implement some of the following to ensure your shop is safe and secure at all times.

Here’s how you can do it.

Be Conscious of Security-Related Threats and Evaluate Your Existing Practices

In order to safeguard your retail store from both internal and external threats, you need to be conscious of the warning signs. This way you’ll know what you’re up against and likewise, it can help you employ correct measures to remedy the situation.

Designing an efficient plan of action for security purposes will help you build strong security policies. For this, you’ll have to take a close look at your existing policies as well to find loopholes that may pose a security threat. This will help you to focus on where enhancements are needed and prepare and implement measures based on the risk factor. 

If you uncover some blind spots in your retail stores, you can install the right equipment to bring these spots to attention. This way you’ll be able to keep a better eye on the exposed area. 

Employ the Right Staff

Security policies exist so that they can be followed by your employees and used as a guide as they carry out their duties. For this, you have to ensure that the staff you have on board will reinforce policies instead of compromising and cutting corners with your retail security. 

To be sure of your staff’s credibility, make background checks an important aspect of your hiring process. Another thing you can do is to conduct roles and responsibilities specific checks before you hire someone.

Say, if you’re hiring a clerk or a cashier, then a basic background check that involves employment and address verification along with criminal history will suffice.

Whatever the role, ensure that you’re performing due diligence with every person you get on board.

Provide Adequate Training to Your Employees and Communicate the Company Policies As Well

It is your responsibility to make sure that all your employees are aware of the company policies regarding safety and security of your retail store. The guidelines and procedures that you have in place are to be communicated clearly to every employee at the time of joining. Any questions or doubts they may have are to be addressed and adequate training and hand-holding has to be provided for better work performance. 

When employees understand the various policies, they’ll have a better grasp of what’s expected of them. On the other hand, the training provided to them should be both relatable and relevant to their role so that your business can achieve an enhanced level of compliance. 

With proper training, you can tip the scale in your favour as it not only increases the chances of success but also creates a safety and security culture that’s constant throughout. 

Invest in Safe and Secure Equipment

At times, even a highly trained and proficient employee can face security issues if they don’t have the right safety tools at hand. This is why, it’s extremely important that as a retail store owner, you invest in safe and secure equipment like:


    • Automatic Doors – If the entry and exit points are secure, safety and security issues can be avoided within the retail premises. For this, installing automatic doors is the best as these not only provide an increased level of security but also can be controlled manually to seal the premises in case of security breaches.
    • Security Cameras – Installing surveillance camera systems is perhaps the safest and most effective way to ensure customer and employee safety. Security cameras have comprehensive coverage of all important areas.


Installing RFID, security tags, queue management systems, scanners and barcode labels to your products in the retail store are other tools that you can invest in to enhance safety measures. 

At Doorway Services we’ll help ensure front door safety with our extensive range products. Right from installing business doors to conducting regular door repairs and maintenance checks for optimal performance, we’re a one-stop-shop for retail business safety. 

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Top 5 Tips To Make Your Business More Energy-Efficient

Given the serious repercussions of climate change, energy-efficiency has become more important now than ever. Not only will it help your business adopt a green approach but it’ll also help you cut down on your energy bills. For every business, it’s important to keep costs to a minimum wherever possible while also being environmentally-conscious. However, most businesses struggle to find a balance between these aspects. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of tips that’ll help you be more energy-efficient.

Here are 5 tips that’ll help you be on top of your energy-efficiency game!


  • Unplug All Your Equipment


Before you leave for the day, ensure that every single type of equipment that’s used in your workplace is switched off. Office buildings, warehouses and factories end up consuming a large amount of energy because computers and other machinery are left on standby. Other appliances like the microwave, kettles, vending machines and printers should also be unplugged so as to add to your overall energy savings. Make sure that your employees and staff follow your lead in your quest to make your business energy efficient. 


  • Get a Smart Thermostat Installed


In order to improve the energy-efficiency of your workplace, a smart thermostat is ideal when compared to a conventional one. A smart thermostat will help you measure the amount of heat that is let into your workplace throughout the day while also registering the surrounding temperature, allowing you to adjust the heating appropriately. This means you can schedule the thermostat as per your requirements and play around with its settings to strike the perfect balance between maintaining a comfortable temperature while consciously reducing your energy bills. 


  • Get an Energy Audit Done


While the idea of getting audited isn’t really exciting, it is helpful in figuring out where your business is consuming the most energy and what areas can help you be more energy efficient. These days, utility companies offer energy audits to businesses free of cost to figure out which area/function of the business is using up the most energy. Once the audit is complete, they’ll suggest adjustments that you can employ to reduce your bills. As a business, it’ll do you well to take advantage of this and get an energy audit done so that you identify the pain areas in your business and remedy the situation.


  • Consider Installing Solar Panels


Solar panels can be an excellent investment for medium and large sized businesses. Solar power can go a long way in protecting businesses from paying exorbitant amounts on energy bills with constant regulatory changes. You’ll find that solar power solutions have various government subsidies to their credit to encourage you to install more of these. In the greater scheme of things, installing solar panels is good for both the business and the environment.


  • Install a High-Quality Automatic Door


Since automatic doors close themselves, it keeps the warm/cold air from escaping from the workplace (factory/warehouse/offices). It, therefore, saves the central heating system from working too hard to restore comfortable working temperatures. Manual doors are not insulated which means heat easily gets transferred out of the rooms which in turn affects your energy-efficiency. Moreover, if manual doors are left open, heat escapes from the room and the cold air seeps in easily. With automatic doors, you’ll be able to keep this from happening while saving up on your energy bills considerably. So installing automatic doors to improve energy-efficiency is ideal.

With Doorway Services, you can choose the right commercial door for your business. With our amazing range of products and bespoke service, we can help install, maintain and repair automatic doors that’ll elevate the aesthetics of your business. 

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Reasons Why Businesses With High Traffic Need Safe Automatic Doors

It might be a stretch, but in our opinion, safe automatic doors are up there with the most convenient inventions of all time. Not only do these doors make entering and exiting a building easy, but they do so in style! This is why businesses that receive high foot traffic must look into simplifying and installing automatic entrances to avoid holdups and losing customers. What’s more, automatic doors are available in different styles, colours and designs so you can customise the whole look. This is why it’s important that you talk to automatic door installation specialists who can assist you in finding a style that enhances your business.

When it comes to safe automatic doors, you can choose whether you want the doors to swing, slide or fold.

These door installations can be configured in various ways. For instance, you can choose whether you want the doors swinging in the same or opposite directions. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons to install automatic doors.

Let’s take a look at the various reasons why businesses like yours need to have automatic doors installed!

Our Top Reasons Why Your High Traffic Business Needs Safe Automatic Doors

Highly Convenient

When visitors approach in a hurry laden with shopping bags and young children, for example, having automatic doors that simply swing or slide open makes entering/exiting a building so much easier. Having automatic doors for your business sends a message that says you value your customer’s well-being and time. Moreover, high foot traffic constantly flitting in and out of a building can cause holdups. Automatic doors eliminate this issue by sensing the approaching crowd and efficiently managing how the crowd enters and exits the premises.

Easy Access For Elderly and Physically Challenged Individuals

With automatic door installation, you show thoughtfulness towards the elderly and handicapped who wish to visit your premises. Manual doors can be a bit of work, not to mention highly inconvenient for these individuals to enter the building. There are several rules and regulations in place that expect the business to be equipped well to cater to everyone irrespective of their physical capabilities. When you care about the safety and accessibility of your premises for your customers, it’ll do wonders to your company’s reputation.

Easy Maintenance

You might think that with sensors and moving components, you’ll have to constantly deal with automatic door repairs! As long as your automatic door installers are trustworthy and credible, you’ll not have to worry about the maintenance of automatic doors at all. At Doorway Services, our team will help you choose the best door design for your business while attending to all your door repair and maintenance issues.

It’s important that before a door is installed, aspects like foot traffic, business location, expectations in terms of functionality and style are duly considered. Only then can you be sure that the automatic door installed will cater to all your concerns. Our team will help you in choosing the most reliable and quality functional doors so that you get the most out of it.

Great Value for Money

Safe automatic doors provide great value for money as they have a long lifespan and are highly energy-efficient. This makes them a great cost-effective option when it comes to the safety and convenience of your customers. Of course, regular maintenance and servicing of automatic doors will go a long way in adding to their lifespan making your investment worthwhile.

Safety Prioritised

When it comes to safety, automatic doors have an excellent record all thanks to the outstanding sensor technology. Automatic doors eliminate the concept of worry and injury even with little children running around! Once you install automatic doors in your premises, having a certified technician come around for follow-ups and safety checks is ideal. 

It will go a long way in ensuring that everything is working exactly the way it’s supposed to, restoring your peace of mind! An experienced technician will inform you about the door’s compliance with industry standards and provide suggestions accordingly.

What you need is reliable and professional automatic door installers like Doorway Services who has a team of the best service technicians in the industry. We can suggest the best course of action for your business with top-notch door technologies with custom design and styles. With us by your side, you’ll receive the most out of your investment!

So get in touch with us today and make sure that your doors are suitable, safe and efficient for your business.

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Here’s How You Can Be On Top of Your Warehouse Security

Running a warehouse is not an easy job as it has more to it than just logistics. Apart from the distribution and storage of stock, several other things like handling and security need to be taken care of.  Fire is a major threat in a warehouse, especially if the stock in store is flammable in nature. This is followed by the risk of theft from both external and internal sources. 

This is why warehouse maintenance is a multifaceted job that needs careful planning.

Below, we’ve discussed primary warehouse security aspects that you need to be aware of:

Materials Stored

The kind of stock you have stored in your warehouse can be expensive or highly inflammable. There’s news on fire breakout every other day across the country. The main reason for this is –

  • Absence of correct storage methods for materials that are flammable
  • Insufficient measures for fire prevention

Smoke detectors have to be installed along with fire sprinklers to be ready to battle fire breakouts. Another equally important thing to do is to install fire doors at all points of entry and exit of the warehouse. Fire-resistant doors will help contain the blaze within the area and not spread out. If you fail to establish these preventive measures, you’ll incur severe losses. 

Safety Measures

Install electronic surveillance equipment in your facility to keep a log of what’s going on at all times. Employing a security guard to protect the warehouse will also add to the security of your warehouse. When you have the right surveillance system installed in the correct places in your facility and a dedicated person keeps a watch 24/7 all year round, it’ll act as a strong deterrent to burglary. Additionally, notify all your employees of the security measures you’ve established and this will keep any in-house incidences from happening. 

Having a security personnel patrol the area will further add to your safety and security measures in and around the warehouse. This will be especially helpful if there are no employees on-site during the night.

Staff Training

In order for staff to carry out their duties and responsibilities efficiently, it’s important that you provide adequate training to them. This involves training employees on:

  • Correct storage methods for stock that’s flammable in nature 
  • Dealing with emergencies in a cool, collected and organised manner

If the warehouse stores combustible materials, employees should be adequately trained to handle such materials carefully. Also, necessary protective gear must be provided to further ensure their safety. Fire assessments and evacuation drills must be conducted on a quarterly basis so that everyone is well prepared.

Trustworthy Employees

Since theft is a significant concern, the employees you hire have to be reliable and trustworthy. To avoid incidences of theft, conducting regular stock checks will be helpful. If your warehouse is big, this might be a bit challenging but its not impossible. You can divide the entire facility into several sections and assign responsible individuals to carry out a thorough inspection of the inventories

Potential staff must be assessed thoroughly to ensure reliability before they are hired. Failures within the facility must be dealt with strictly and lawfully. In the process, the security of your commercial building shouldn’t be compromised at all. 

At Doorway Services, we’ll help you get the best fire-resistant doors to ensure complete safety of your warehouse.

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