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Top 5 Tips to Assess Security Risks in Your Business

With constant warnings about digital theft, cyber security risks and cyber criminals, many organisations have started looking at physical security as a problem of the past!

However, crime hasn’t become entirely digital and it’s unlikely that’ll be the case in the near future. That said, waiting to assess security risks in your business leaves the door open for a huge threat that will not only cost you money, but also hamper your image and customer trust.

Instead of riskinga breach of security and then re-evaluating your safety procedures, why not perform an end-to-end risk assessment beforehand?

At Doorway Services, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you conduct a thorough physical security risk evaluation and safeguard your facility from potential threats.

Let’s dive in!

1. Identify Potential Security Threats

No two businesses are the same, meaning their level of security threats may vary. This is why, when it comes to assessing your premises, it’s crucial to begin with identifying the risks it’s likely to face.

While every organisation is vulnerable to security risks, the likelihood of it happening differs making it essential for you to modify your safety procedures.

For example, a jeweller in an area with higher crime would need robust security measures in place, when compared to the one in a well secured neighbourhood. Moreover, though both jewellers need stricter procedures to deter would-be criminals, the one that’s more vulnerable may want to install shatterproof or password protected automatic doors, alongside other preventative measures.

However, regardless of where your facility is located, there are a few things that you need to address to spot security risks. These include:

  • Crime rate in your local area
  • Common physical security risks faced by any business
  • Number of monitoring systems and security personnel
  • List of people with complete access to your premises
  • Number of entry and exit points in your facility

Once you’ve identified all the possible risks to your business, you can move on to the next step…

2. Assess Security Risks in Your Business

After you’ve prepared a list of threats and vulnerabilities to your organisation, it’s time for risk assessment.

Begin with asking yourself which security threats your business is more likely to face, when compared to others, and then analyse whether or not your current safety procedures address them.

Threats that are highly likely to happen but aren’t addressed properly are the crucial ones that your business needs to focus on.

However, simply assessing these security threats won’t help you secure your organisation. In order to gain a clear picture of the potential risks, it’s essential that you conduct the next 3 steps without fail.

3. Conduct End-to-End Analysis of Your Current Premises

Now that you’ve put the finger on potential threats your business could experience, you need to evaluate your current situation.

A site analysis usually includes your own premises and those in your immediate neighbourhood. That said, when assessing the security level of your physical location, begin with its maintenance and functionality. This is because, any part of your business that hasn’t been maintained can lead to a security breach.

Your manual doors, for example, could pose security risks especially if they lack a strong latch; even your windows are vulnerable to physical damage. Basic maintenance, therefore, is essential to keep your facility safe and secure.

Nonetheless, there are other key business areas too that could lack physical security.

Is it easy for anyone to enter and leave your premise and other secure areas? Do you lack robust monitoring systems? Consider making changes to your physical facility to reinforce your safety measures.

If you’re looking for ways to maintain your commercial space effectively, then click here!

4. Evaluate Your Safety Measures

While it’s essential to assess security risks in your business, it’s also important to analyse the safety measures you have in place.

Many companies have strict security procedures during business hours, but tend to grow lax at night, especially with any nighttime staff. Simply put, if you don’t keep tabs on personnel after working hours are over, they could easily offer access to unauthorised people.

In order to prevent this from happening in your business, you need to ensure that you’ve got robust preventative measures that are hard to break.

Moreover, work alongside your employees to make sure your company isn’t left open to potential outside threats when no one’s around.

5. Analyse YourSecurity Systems

The last step of assessing your facility is checking whether your business has enough security systems installed. You also need to check if they’re functioning properly, or whether they need an update.

It’s also essential to consider installing cameras in blind spots to protect areas that can be easily accessed by anyone.

Additionally, you need to analyse all your existing systems’ comprehensiveness since risks can come in many forms. However, ensure that you’re establishing not only online security measures but also physical safety procedures to prevent any and every type of threat.

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Conducting end-to-end risk assessments is a crucial part of improving your overall security. This is because once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, it becomes easier to create a safer work environment.

If you want to learn more about how you can assess security risks in your business or need help installing commercial doors for your workplace, give our team at Doorway Services a call today!

benefits of installing aluminium doors, two women walking past a huge glass building

4 Benefits of Installing Aluminium Doors For Your Business

If you are thinking of investing in durable business doors for your commercial building, then installing aluminium doors is ideal. These robust doors not only offer high functionality but also provide effective security, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your business. All these features come together to make aluminium business doors a leading choice for commercial properties. 

Aluminium is known for its efficiency, flexibility and strength. Moreover, with the evolution of the applications of this material in terms of coating and fabrication, its utility in various commercial settings has increased considerably.

Aluminium doors possess great functionality while also serving a stylish look. They can be easily customised, are light-weight, not to mention cost-effective. The material’s efficiency and longevity make it an excellent choice for commercial door installation

Here are a few benefits of installing aluminium doors for your business.

1. Strength and Durability

Aluminium is widely known for its ability to resist corrosion, making it a popular material for doors. It is immune to harsh weather conditions and it offers protection against the harmful effects of UV rays

It can withstand high temperatures and retains its strength even if alterations are made. This makes aluminium one of the best materials for commercial installation. Alloyed aluminium is as strong as steel while also being less heavy. Therefore, it stays unharmed and tends to last for a long period of time.

2. Energy-Efficient and Safe

Installing aluminium doors for your business is ideal if you wish to improve your energy efficiency. It has high thermal insulation properties that help reduce heat transmission, making it a great insulator. When installed correctly, aluminium doors can help regulate and maintain appropriate temperatures in various rooms. They also act as weather-barriers, preventing dust and rain from entering the workspace. 

Aluminium provides safety against fires as it is an effective non-combustible material. Install aluminium doors for your business today for protection against harsh weather conditions and fires, keeping the workspace safe and secure.

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3. Maintenance-free

When compared to timber or steel, aluminium is a cheaper material. It is lightweight, 100% recyclable, and can be easily customised and cleaned. At Doorway Services, we can alter and adjust your business doors according to your requirements. 

A quick wash with soap water will be more than enough to keep these doors clean making them maintenance-free. Since aluminium doors are rust and corrosion free, they work great for the long run with very little maintenance required.

For peak business door efficiency, schedule routine door repair and maintenance checks to improve its longevity.

4. Aesthetic Look

While aluminium serves as good material in terms of efficiency and durability, it also has a stylish, modern appearance. Its sleek, minimalistic look helps increase the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. 

Aluminium is customisable, so it can be altered with different finishes and styles. No matter how you modify the material, aluminium delivers and retains its strength without compromising on the aesthetics. 

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As a professional door installation and repair company, Doorway Services understands your business needs and provides repairs for your aluminium doors. We are a pocket-friendly business who do not compromise on the aesthetic and functionality of our products.

To ensure effective door performance, we offer expert installation and door repair services across businesses so get in touch with us today!