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5 Common Commercial Door Problems & How to Fix Them

From large corporations to small businesses, commercial doors have an integral role in every establishment. Whether your doors are made of steel or aluminium, doors can start to malfunction after persistent use. 

While door problems are common, if you spot the signs of damage early on, you can get your door repaired and prevent costly repairs down the line. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common commercial door problems, including broken doors and door handle issues, and discover simple ways to fix them. 

1. Misalignment of Doors 

Misaligned doors can stem from a variety of factors, including neglected maintenance, regular wear and tear and environmental issues. 

To spot the signs of a misaligned door, begin by examining the door hinges. Ensure that the hinges are securely attached and are adequately lubricated to facilitate easy movement of the door. Assess the door frame to look out for signs of warping or structural issues.

Keep an eye out for any obstructions, such as unwanted objects, dust accumulation or debris which could also cause misalignment. If these door problems persist, take advantage of professional repair services that will not only fix door issues but also prevent them in the future. 

2. Worn-out Rollers and Tracks 

Rollers and tracks wear down over time due to the continuous movement of your commercial doors. A lack of regular maintenance or inadequate lubrication can also cause your door to malfunction.

To avoid compromising the door’s functionality, inspect your rollers for damage and look for flat spots from excessive friction. In the case of a replacement, invest in high-quality rollers to minimise further door issues. 

Tracks should be free from debris and dust, ensuring your door gets an unobstructed path to move. To enhance functionality, make sure the tracks are durable and lubricated from time to time. Such measures will not only prolong the life span of your door but also prevent costly door problems down the line. 

3. Rust Issues

Rust not only affects the visual appeal of your commercial doors but also undermines its structural foundation. When it comes to rusty doors, environmental factors have a significant role to play. 

With the UK’s unpredictable weather, you may often encounter door problems related to rust and corrosion. Exposure to rain especially can lead to various door issues, negatively affecting its structural integrity. To prevent such unwanted situations, you should apply anti-rust solutions to hinges, door locks, and the surface of the door regularly. 

In cases where rust has already taken hold, utilise rust removers and repaint for a fresh look. If your doors have become outdated or faulty, consider choosing modern doors like automatic or electric sliding doors

4. Spring and Cable Damage 

To avoid disrupting the flow and movement of your door, regularly check your door springs and cables. If you notice any signs of damage such as fraying or slackness, consider calling a repair company.

Always lubricate the springs to reduce unwanted friction and adjust cable tension as needed. Promptly address door issues and take proactive steps to prevent further door problems. 

Maintain springs and cables proactively by implementing a scheduled maintenance plan. This way you’ll prevent door issues from escalating and ensure long-term reliability.  

5. Door Lock Problems

The safety of your premises is heavily reliant on the effectiveness of your door’s security system. 

Beyond the mechanism alone, there are other factors that can create door lock issues. Make sure your door locks are not rusty, so the keys can operate smoothly without resistance. If door lock issues arise, address them quickly to prevent potential security vulnerabilities. 

As a part of maintenance, make sure your doors are upgraded to modern and advanced locking systems. With electronic keypads, smart locks and access codes, you can effectively ensure that your locking system is working properly. 

Choose Doorway Services to Fix Common Door Problems 

A DIY approach may resolve some of these common door problems, however, we always recommend hiring a professional to carry out repairs. They have suitable industry knowledge and tools to find a long-term solution. That’s where we come in! 

At Doorway Services, we have built a reputation for promptly fixing all issues related to commercial doors. By partnering with us, your commercial doors will not only operate seamlessly but also provide the security and convenience that your business demands. 

From managing door lock issues to door installation, we take care of all your needs. Along with emergency door repairs, we also offer door maintenance services to ensure your commercial door remains functional for years to come! 

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