Aluminum Door Myths; A red coloured main door with heavy-duty security lock intalled beside a stairway.

Common Myths About Aluminium Doors

Gone are the days when we had limited options for commercial doors and windows. With advances in the industry, we can choose from several materials, styles and the type of fittings we want in a manner that’s bespoke to our property. 

When we talk about materials, aluminium has its fair share of myths. Whether you’re looking for doors and windows for safety or the ones that scream grandeur and elegance, aluminium can be customised according to your choices and personal preferences. 

At Doorway Services, we ensure to give our customers the best of our service.  Be it new installations or aluminium door repairs; we’ve got it all for you! 

However, certain myths need to be addressed and falsified about aluminium doors. With proper door maintenance and care, they can stand the test of time without compromising on their sturdiness and functionality. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

1. No Style 

The first and foremost myth about aluminium doors is that they lack style and class because of their cheap material. Since the end product is a door, it’s nothing like those cheaper aluminium panels and sheets which means the doors and windows made from aluminium are nothing but stylish. 

Lacking style might be true for cheaper panels and sheets, but when it comes to aluminium doors, the end result is much more nuanced. Nowadays, aluminium comes in different and stylish colours like charcoal and grey to cater to all your preferences too.  

It doesn’t stop here; you can customise your aluminium door’s finish in contemporary polishes like matte or glossy. 

Go minimal for a modern look or have multiple doors to make it a central attraction. With the malleability that this material offers, you can have an infinite number of possibilities to customise your aluminium door. 

2. No Insulation 

To break this myth, you need to understand something known as ‘thermal breaks’. 

Thermal breaks in aluminium act like chamber-style insulation seen in uPVC frames. In simple terms, thermal breaks bridges between the inside and outside faces of aluminium doors. 

When these thermal breaks are preinstalled, they do not allow air to enter or leave around them. This makes aluminium doors energy-efficient and thermally insulated at the same time. 

Moreover, in some of the doors, gaskets are also installed to enhance the thermal insulation they offer. 

3. Difficult to Maintain

Aluminium is metal but you probably don’t know that it is less reactive than most metals. So, naturally, chances of the usual wearing off of the metal by corrosion lessen by a great extent. 

To top that, aluminium also requires little to no maintenance. Plus it is termite resistant, weather-proof and it doesn’t act like a feeding ground for pests or insects to grow. 

Even though aluminium is a metal, you do not need to paint it to keep it free of corrosion. Lastly, it does not flake, rot or peel off easily, so it is the perfect material to be used specially when the area is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. 

4. No Security 

Since you now know that aluminium doors are durable, have structural integrity and are solidly built, the myth that they do not provide security has to be burst. When doors are built by keeping their longevity in mind, they are bound to offer the necessary level of protection and security. 

Not only are they robust and sturdy but because of the metal, they can be easily paired with security accessories like locking systems to ensure that you and your commercial property is safe and sound.

To Sum Up… 

At Doorway Services, we understand the time and efforts that you have to put in to maintain your business premises. In terms of security, which counts as the prime element to be taken care of, we are glad to take care of this responsibility for you. 

We are a team of expert professionals who aim to serve you while offering maximum customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, we provide aluminium door repair services along with other services like business door maintenance, servicing and installations. 

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