automatic doors for disabled access; a person in a wheelchair

3 Things You Need to Know to Buy Automatic Doors for Disabled Access

It is notoriously difficult and inconvenient for disabled people to enter a room with a standard manual door. 

While sliding doors may be better than a regular commercial door, in this situation, we highly recommend using automatic doors. They’re more convenient to use and, not to mention, easily accessible. 

There are several things you need to consider before purchasing automatic doors for disabled access. After all, as a business, you don’t want anyone to face any issues when entering and exiting your premises. 

To ensure you don’t face any problems, our experts have created a checklist for you when you’re purchasing automatic doors for easier disabled access. 

Let’s get started! 

3 Things To Know About Automatic Doors for Disabled Access

1. Height and Width

To make sure an entrance is wheelchair accessible, you need to keep the width of the door in mind. The width of the entrance and the passage should be wide enough for someone to conveniently pass through in a wheelchair. 

Additionally, you should ensure that a person with disabilities can conveniently turn around the area without hitting any walls. This helps them to enter/exit your office building without facing any hassle or congestion. These type of doors has also begun to slowly become the optimal choice for businesses

Overall, we recommend keeping the space around the door as open as possible to ensure that a disabled person doesn’t face any issues. Keeping these simple things in mind can make visiting your business building a simple and pleasant experience for somebody with a disability.

We recommend taking measurements of a wheelchair or consulting the experts at Doorway Services to make the job easier for you. 

2. Sliding or Hinged Doors 

One of the biggest decisions when choosing automatic doors for disabled access is picking between sliding and hinged doors. Typically, you should choose sliding doors to reduce the user’s effort when they are entering the building. 

Additionally, they take up less space, giving people more room to move freely. However, if sliding doors aren’t possible in certain areas, you will have to opt for single or double-hinged doors. Hinged doors will need to have a passage with a span of at least 85 cm. 

We recommend ensuring that doors open and close with only slight pressure, making the process easier for everyone. You should also avoid creating any edges or overhangs so that the movement of these doors is slick and effortless.

3. Talk About Additional Needs With the Specialists

If you’re looking for anything more from your door, it’s best to communicate that to our business door specialists. You can also discuss your custom door requirements and ask for recommendations on how to make your automatic doors convenient for disabled access.

Additionally, if you’re looking to get doors installed in a commercial setting, make sure that they are DDA compliant. You don’t need to worry about this if you’re hiring door experts with years of professional experience, like Doorway Services.  

Overall, just make sure that all your needs are met and all your doubts are cleared before installing automatic doors. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Choose Doorway Services for Automatic Door Installation and Repair Services

Automatic doors for disabled access can make entry and exit easy for everyone and they are a worthwhile investment. They will be especially appreciated by those that struggle with manually opening commercial doors. 

However, it’s recommended to work with specialists like Doorway Services to get automatic doors fitted in your building. Our team of experts have years of experience fitting various types of doors for businesses.

We’ll make sure that all your needs are met and ensure that you don’t face any issues with your automatic doors. Additionally, we also provide door installation services for fire doors, Dane shutters, aluminium doors and more. 

If you face any issues with your existing doors, we also provide commercial door repair services to ensure you can continue to use them safely. 

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