Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist; street view of various commercial buildings

4 Simple Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist for The New Year

It’s not easy to keep up with the maintenance of your commercial building. There are various aspects that you need to focus on and you should ensure that all areas are covered. However, you can’t ignore routine building maintenance checks. 

The best way to conduct these tests is to create a preventative maintenance checklist. This will help you to tackle any maintenance step-by-step and will ensure that you don’t forget anything important.  

To help you out, we’ve created a commercial building maintenance checklist that you can use during your next check. This checklist can help you find any minor problems and provide proper advice to ensure that they don’t cause more issues. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Construction Works

Here’s the first thing that you need to take care of on your commercial building maintenance checklist. The exterior walls of your building are bound to wear out, especially if they’re exposed to rain and sunlight. That’s why it’s crucial to keep outside walls and other masonry work at the top of your preventative maintenance checklist. 

You must inspect building arches, eaves and other walls to find any possible cracks or damage. If you find anything wrong, you must try to get it fixed immediately. 

These cracks can slip through the interior of your building, causing issues with windows and doors. If you find cracks near your doors, you should contact Doorway Services and get them repaired immediately.  

However, you should avoid these situations, as they can lead to several expenses. Make sure to conduct checks at least twice a year and conduct any repairs when necessary

2. Doors, Windows and Other Openings

Doors and windows are durable, especially if they’re made using premium materials. They don’t need to be replaced often but if you’re looking for a new commercial door for your building, make sure it’s from someone reliable, like Doorway Services. 

However, small parts, like hinges, locks and handles, tend to break more frequently, causing issues with doors. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to add a check of all these parts to your facility maintenance checklist. 

The functionality of your door will improve if you get it repaired by the professionals at Doorway Services. We ensure professionalism and improve the functionality of your building. 

3. Fire Equipment

Conducting checks on your fire safety equipment is a legal requirement in the UK. If you don’t include this in your building maintenance checklist, it could put your facility at risk, and you could face fines and penalties. 

Depending on your location, you need to service your fire extinguishers at least once each year. Additionally, you should install and check your sprinkler system. Taking these measures can ensure the safety of the people inside the building during emergencies. 

You should also make sure that the fire doors are working properly. You should conduct maintenance checks on them twice a year. If you find any issues, contact Doorway Services for fire door maintenance servicing and repairs. 

4. Access Control

If your building has a lot of visitors, it’s essential to add access control system maintenance to your office repair checklist. However, some elements of the systems involve the use of other aspects of facilities, making it difficult to understand how to inspect them. 

For instance, some doors can be disabled due to fire alarms. You can use video cameras for monitoring activity, as well as for safety purposes. Since there are so many access control systems you have to focus on, you should create a different checklist for them. 

We recommend adding them to separate weekly or monthly commercial building maintenance checklists to complete them without worrying. This also gives you the time needed to conduct repairs on things like automatic doors before inspecting other aspects of access control. 

Contact Doorway Services for Commercial Door Installation and Maintenance

Now that you’re ready with your commercial building maintenance checklist, you need to know where you can get repairs done. If you’re looking for commercial door installation or maintenance, Doorway Services might be your best choice. 

With years of experience in commercial door installation, repair and maintenance, our team can help you complete your building maintenance checklist. We also provide repairs for other types of doors, like automatic doors, aluminium doors, fire doors and more. 

We provide a 12-month warranty on any parts we add to your doors, to give you peace of mind. We assure you that our professionals will take care of all your commercial door problems

To learn more about our services, visit our page or contact us today!