Door Repair Services

Renovating an office can often mean making many changes in order to fulfil the current expected standards of an office space, not only for the appreciation of your work force but also to create a good impression to visiting clients and prospective new employees.

Old, crummy décor and broken items in an office can have a major negative effect on everyone involved in your company, whereas a modern, aesthetically pleasing office can inspire your work force and impress your clients.

Not only is it important to design your office well, but it is also important to ensure that the safety of the office is good and that everything is in working order, including the doors.

The doors are the first thing your visitors and employees see when they enter the building, and are therefore one of the most important aspects of your premise to ensure a good first impression.

Doorway Services are a specialist door repairs and installation company, providing door repair services in Northamptonshire and all around the area. Doorways Services understand the importance of installing and repairing doors to the upmost standard, ensuring quality results which are sure to endure the strain of daily wear and tear which is expected within a working environment.

In order to get the bets results for your project, it is important to choose an appropriate door that fits perfectly to the doorframe. If you already have a strong door but the fittings have become lose, contact a professional door repair company in Northamptonshire at Doorway Services.  We provide you with skilled professionals and quality materials to grant you quality service.

As well as providing a great services, door repair services in Northamptonshire at Doorway Services  can also offer you solutions to your door repairs and installations which are affordable for your business, at very reasonable prices whilst not compromising the quality of the work which will be done.

At Doorway services, the options for your doors are endless; we present you with a wide range of manual doors, aluminium doors, and steel doors. We provide the best services in Commercial door repair in Northamptonshire for the workplace, factories and other businesses.

If you are looking for that extra level of security for your workplace to guarantee your peace of mind, we also offer brilliant quality Dane shutters which will safeguard your office, bank, shopping centre,  also building society or any other workplace which you value highly. Dane shutters vary from the ordinary shutters that are generally used, as they have a much stronger quality. Dane shutters outperform other types of security shutters and ensure your building is at no risk.

Interested In Our Door Services?


Although we are a door repair company based in Northamptonshire, we can deliver our premium services to you wherever you are based in the UK. Location and time scales are not a problem for our hard working team; we are committed to providing you with the best services possible to meet your company requirements.

If you have just purchased a new workplace and wish to get more information on installing doors with good durability, you cane get in contact with a fine commercial door repair company in Northamptonshire; Doorway Services.

If you wish to install facilities such as swipe cards, security doors, key fobs, magnetic lock, electric lock, etc. in your office doors, look no further as we supply the required accessories and equipment or cards that are of high quality. This facility will keep your building safe, restraining outsiders from entering your office without your permission.

Moreover, you can easily access the data regarding the number of visitors in your premises while simultaneously keeping a track on the working hours of your employees. If you have already installed the doors and wish to attach a specific accessory, we can cater to this service as well.

If you are looking for a commercial door repair Northamptonshire regarding the repair of your door accessories, we are also the right company for the job at Doorway services. We offer services to repair any errors in a previously installed system, having much experience in the industry with many different door accessories and systems.

Our experts are able to fix any problem you are currently enduring, including those of accessories, door systems or the doors themselves. Simply get in contact and we will get on the job as soon as possible.

When considering the type of doors you wish to install, many companies are baffled as to whether to install automatic doors, auto swing doors or auto sliding door for their office. The design often depends highly on the uses of the building and your aesthetic preferences,

The experts here at Doorway Services are able to guide you in the right direction as to what would be appropriate for your project. Taking into account your requirements, budget and preferences, you can be sure that we will have a solution that is right for you.

In some workplaces you can make use of steel or aluminium doors to shield your office and safeguard the essential documents and business assets. If you want to make your office premises fireproof, we can install fire doors which can restrict flames from spreading further and provide an easy escape during emergencies.

If you wish to replace your old office doors with new automated one, you can seek advice from door repair company in Northamptonshire, Doorway services, who will be able to guide you and follow the right procedure in order to do so. Our professional, experienced team at Doorway Services know how to go about the procedure in the best way, using only the most appropriate and highest quality materials and designs for every project.

Why Choose Us

Doorway Services offer an incredible service for repairing and installing doors. Irrespective of whether your problem is minor or major, the excellence of our service does not vary. Our experienced technicians can solve the most complicated problems with brilliant solutions which meet your requirements and budget.

Doorway services can guide you to take necessary precautions to save your door from damage and maintain it after the installation or repair. This will ensure that you get the most for your money in terms of the project we carry out. We are committed to providing recommendations coupled with timely repairs so that your door and its parts can be sustained for a long duration.

We provide installation, repairs, maintenance and guidance on your door requirements, and we always ensure to fulfil the needs of our customers in the best possible manner. Whilst accomplishing this task, we do not compromise on the quality of our service and raw materials. We believe that no two clients projects are exactly the same. Each client has their own specific requirements, which we adhere to and consider upon the design process and installation.

To find out more about our services and what we can do for you, you can get in touch with us at Doorway Services by calling 01536 418798, or alternatively fill in the enquiry form on our website. You can also drop us an email on: