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5 Steps to Finding High Quality Doors for Your Business

Your business entrance is essential to ensure security. However, it also plays an integral role in creating a good impression. As the earliest point of contact between you and a potential client, your entrance can define your business’ character. 

As a result, high quality doors become essential for not only the security of your establishment but to mirror your business values. For example, having a well-maintained door implies that you are respectful of your workplace and care about the smaller details.

However, the question of finding the right door for your business may act as a roadblock. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you find quality doors for your commercial property. 

1. Determine Your Requirements 

Before you start searching for high quality doors, it is essential you understand your business’ unique needs. 

Identify the primary purpose of your commercial door. Are you looking for doors to impress customers? Is security your primary concern? How many people enter and exit the building on average? Do you need a replacement fire door for increased safety? Take this time to address your needs and consider the purpose and primary functionality.

Make sure you also note down your practical needs. Consider the size of the door frames, the level of foot traffic it will experience and any special features you may need. By assessing these requirements, you’ll be able to find high quality doors that effectively meet your aesthetic and functional needs. 

2. Look for Reputable Commercial Door Installers

The commercial door installers you choose make all the difference in terms of the quality and reliability of your doors. This is why it is important you seek out companies with a track record of excellence in the industry. Consider checking online reviews and ratings or seek referrals from other business owners, friends or family members.  

Choose a company that can provide a range of high quality doors, as well as fitting and maintenance services, in the case that something goes wrong. This will ensure your door remains intact and fully functioning for a long period of time!

3. Consider the Materials and Features of the Door 

The raw materials and features of a quality door have a significant role to play in its functionality. Different materials offer different benefits, which is why it’s essential to choose the materials that suit your needs. 

If you’re looking for high quality doors that offer a timeless and elegant look, consider manual doors as they can be designed per your aesthetic needs. For a factory or heavy-duty work environment, steel doors can be a great choice as they offer great strength and durability. 

For a more unique and sophisticated look, you can try glass doors, a popular choice in retail and small businesses. Additionally, for a commercial office, automatic doors can significantly improve convenience and aesthetics. This is also a good choice for high foot traffic.

4. Obtain Multiple Quotes 

Pricing has an important role to play when finding high quality doors for your business. To ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment, it’s crucial to obtain multiple quotes from different door manufacturers. 

For an effective comparison and quote, make sure you provide your commercial door installers with accurate specifications. This will allow you to make a more accurate judgement and choose the most suitable commercial doors for your business.

While cost is important, it’s equally essential to consider the long-term benefits of high quality doors. The main purpose of a quality commercial door is to minimise maintenance and repair requirements. That’s why in an attempt to find cheap doors, keep this in mind, as often the cheaper the door the lower the quality. Low quality doors often cost much more in the long run.

5. Installation and Maintenance 

Beyond purchasing, the installation and maintenance of your high quality door are equally as important. By choosing a professional door installation service provider, you can ensure that your doors are installed effectively and in the event of any problems, you can contact them for advice and suitable repairs. 

Regular maintenance and repairs are crucial to maintain the functionality and longevity of your commercial doors. 

For the best results, get in touch with a commercial door maintenance professional and schedule regular maintenance and repair appointments. This will allow you to ensure that your high quality doors not only offer basic aesthetic and functional value but also last longer.

Choose Doorway Services to Find High Quality Doors Today! 

Finding the best commercial door for your business involves a strategic process. From understanding your requirements to ensuring proper door installation, you have a lot to consider when looking for high quality doors. However, a significant question that often pops up is which company to rely on for this. 

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What’s more, we also offer a wide range of commercial doors including sliding doors, manual doors, aluminium doors and fire doors. Not only this but we also provide door repair and maintenance services to ensure your door remains in good condition for years to come. 

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