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4 Signs Your Storefront Door Needs Replacing

Front doors are an element that store owners should pay attention to. Whilst you may have already found the best commercial door expert to get a robust door installed, you’ve probably assumed that your job here is done.

However, just like several other features in your store, your storefront door also needs regular maintenance and if necessary, repairs, to keep it efficient and functional.

If you’ve been neglecting this, there’s a chance that there might be some damage that may require you to replace your storefront door. If you’re looking for signs that point towards replacing these doors, we’ve got you covered.

Our experts have put together a list of different door issues that mean you’ll need to replace your storefront door.

Let’s take a look!

1. Difficulty in Opening and Closing

Struggling to move your door should immediately alert you about the door’s working condition. Any hurdles in the movement of your door means something is wrong and you must get it checked before this worsens.

From large amounts of foot traffic to extreme weather conditions, there can be several reasons behind compromised door integrity. Additionally, whilst external obstructions can be a reason for this sort of hindrance, factors like a broken door frame or rusted parts can also indicate that you need to replace your storefront door.

Since this can also impact the store’s overall security, you should get it looked at and, if required, replaced, to maintain security.

2. Visible Cracks and Dents in the Frame

One of the most obvious signs that require you to replace your storefront door is visible cracks and dents. Most store owners rely on the door as the main security feature and therefore something as simple as a crack can prove harmful. 

Due to this, many people instantly do a quick Google search on “how to replace storefront doors” to ensure that the store is protected at all times. These external scratches or marks on your doors are not only unsightly, but they also compromise the overall structural integrity.

To ensure the safety of you and your store visitors, use this opportunity to consider a glass or aluminium commercial installation, to enhance the protection of your store.

3. Light Filters Through the Door

If you can spot light filtering through the door, there’s a chance that your current door is ill-fitted. Light seeping through, under, above or around the edges might mean that your store has the wrong type of door fit.

This in turn, also affects your store’s temperatures, allowing heat or cold air to escape. Weatherstripping might be the first option that comes to your mind however, instead of cutting corners, make an investment and get a brand new storefront door.

From automatic glass doors to robust aluminium doors, we provide a wide range of commercial doors for stores that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable enough to enhance your security.

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4. Your Door Looks Dull

From a consumer’s point of view, the entrance is the first element that moulds their first impression of your business. If your store has a dull door, this can have the ability to influence people’s perspective of your business and may even prevent them from entering your premise.

Since doors can have a major impact in moulding someone’s opinion, make sure to invest in an aesthetically pleasing storefront door that will enhance the look of your store.

You can opt for something simple, like a sliding door that helps save space or go for a swing door – whatever your budget, there’s always a perfect door option for every business.

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