Sliding Door Repair

As a business person, your commercial premise is something that is likely to be very close to your heart. It needs to be a place of comfort for all your employees, as well as impressive to any visitors, prospective employees and clients who visit your premise.

The look of your business premise not only refers to  the building, walls and furniture, but the entrance in itself also counts for a lot. In today’s competitive world, the first impression is said to be the the last impression, and the door to your business is the first thing to be seen and judged by anyone entering.

Moreover, looking pretty is not just what a door is all about, but it has to be very sturdy as well. A quality door last a life time secure the safty of your business, whilst also acting as a design statement. As a company, it’s all about making statements with quality, resilient designs whilst makign practical choices.

Sliding doors are popular for business premises choices all around the world considering their utility, safety, and style. It does not come as a surprise that more and more businesses are choosing sliding doors to be placed at the entrance of their building for a classy looking, easy entrance.

If you are looking for a strong, yet elegant sliding door for your commercial establishment, then Doorway Services is your one stop solution. Doorway Services are happy to manage the entire project for your door requirements, right from the consideration of the entrance, to installing doors, and sliding door repair in Northamptonshire.

Sliding doors are also a great option for business premises which have a limited passage of light, as they are a great option to allow more natural light into a building, again increasing the aesthetic appeal. Doorway Services will evaluate the needs of your premise and take care of your project. At Doorway Services, we have all the resources and materials at hand along with numerous qualified professionals who have much experience in handling all sorts of requirements for business premise doors.

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Benefits of Sliding Doors

Doorway Services are able to provide the perfect sliding door solutions for every business from those looking for installation of sliding doors, to sliding door repair in Northamptonshire.

But, are sliding doors a perfect fit for your business? Here, we have compiled a list of benefits for you to find out if they’re worth investing in:


Security of a business is the most important consideration to ensure your peace of mind and safety within the workplace. Research has suggested that around 30% of burglaries occur through open doors. Sliding doors are one of the safest designs of doors for business, keeping your business safe and secure from burglars. They come with aluminium seals and gaskets that keep your door shut tight whilst a hook-over mechanism locks the door and secures it from being lifted.

Space Saving

Unlike other doors, sliding doors operate without a hinge, meaning that there needs to be virtually no allowance for opening and closing space. Sliding doors glide along a track rather than swinging open, meaning that you can use the space which would otherwise be wasted, and you have the liberty of designing your room in whatever way you fancy.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is the most vital factor when it comes to maintaining the look of your doors. Sliding doors are designed in such a way that they are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with the help of a natural cleaner. If your door is damaged, with the assistance of sliding door repair in Northamptonshire from Doorway Services, we can help you to fix them up.

Inviting and Customer Friendly

Sliding doors are particularly helpful for the elderly and disabled community, as many sliding doors have an automatic opening feature. As these doors open and close throughout the day, the potential customers are able to obtain a glimpse of what is happening inside. This way, you give them an incentive to drop in and look around. Your customers also find sliding doors to be more welcoming in comparison to the traditional ‘push and pull’ doors. What’s more, it is easy to see that your business is open throughout the day instead of risking potential clients believing you may be closed.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

If you have a heavy amount of traffic on a daily basis and you’re using traditional doors for your business, then the entrance and exit of your premises will be ‘jam packed’. However, sliding doors at Doorway Services are not just space-saving, but also offer easy access for increased foot traffic along with providing ample amounts of daylight to your business premises. You are also likely to save money on your energy bills as well and promote a more welcoming, brighter environment with the natural light which is maintained.

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Doorway Services: Why Choose Us?

At Doorway Services, we have acquired local knowledge and experience, and gained an exceptional reputation across the UK. We have over 30 years of experience in installing doors and other door related equipment. We offer specialist services to our clients and ensure that we find the best solutions for them regarding their door requirements

At Doorway Services, we also offer Sliding Door Repair in Northamptonshire, thereby providing regular maintenance in order to keep the doors in good working condition.

Whether your door is internal, access controlled, swing, or an automatic sliding door, our team of qualified electricians and technicians are there for your rescue! With Sliding Door Repair in Northamptonshire and a multitide of other excellent services from Doorway Services, you can be assured that your doors will always be ready to use.

Doorway Services ensure that all our supplies are provided by some of the most trusted and recognised manufacturers in the market. We offer honest and quality oriented services to make sure that the end result meets your requirements and surpasses your expectations.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries. We even offer ‘Emergency Call Out Service’ during times when you are in desperate need for sliding door repair in Northamptonshire. We endeavour to provide the best services and results int eh industry, adhereing to your time requirements, budget, making solutions and most importantly  fixing your doors to that they are up and running again. To see what we can do for your door needs, call us for free on 01536 418798 or drop in an email on