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The Importance of Using Queue Management Systems

Being British, we do love a queue, but let’s be honest, they are annoying. However, when effectively managed, they present an opportunity to keep customers in line (pun intended) as you build a positive business image. 

The question of how to best manage queues is not something new. Businesses today understand that well-designed queue management systems can significantly impact the way any service-based organisation caters to its clientele. 

This is even more relevant today with the ongoing pandemic. It’s important for businesses to make the most of technology and install measures that enable social distancing

Smart queue management systems along with robust traffic flow solutions can help businesses stay on top of issues that arise through queuing. 

Let’s take a look at just how important queuing management systems are!

Control Customer Queues

Nobody likes waiting but queues are unavoidable. With queue management systems, you can manage foot traffic effectively in your store while ensuring that customers wait comfortably without getting too ruffled. 

When customers get an estimate of how long they are likely to wait, it gives them peace of mind knowing that their spot won’t be taken by somebody else. When your customers are happy with the service you provide, they will come back for repeat purchases. On the other hand, you can benefit from the word of mouth marketing they’ll do on your behalf.

When your customers are happy and relaxed, it will lead to increased revenues and profitability. 

Staff Satisfaction

Your store staff will be at ease as customers won’t be overwhelming them by crowding their counters. This means your staff will be able to cater to your customers in a relaxed and controlled environment. Happy employees are more productive which inevitably leads to the customer having a positive experience in your store. 

Enhance the Quality of the Service You Provide

Now that you have staff that is happy and relaxed, you can expect them to provide a great service to your customers. The queue management systems integrated into your automatic business doors will assist you in keeping track of the footfall you receive along with staff performance metrics. If any issues arise at the service level, these are brought to your attention immediately. 

This way you can solve issues in real-time as your store managers keep tabs on live statistics. If need be, they can assign more manpower to attend to something that can help reduce wait times significantly. 

Streamline Store Expenses

With automatic doors (sliding and swinging) and an intelligent customer management system at your disposal, you will be able to keep track of the customer flow in real-time. These systems are capable of predicting customer queues based on historic data records. These records enable managers to make plans in advance and make the most of the available resources. 

For instance, if system statistics show that customer queues start building up only after 11 am, then the staff from the counter can be assigned to some other tasks till its time for them to go back to their counters.

Customer Feedback

Customer is king you’d definitely want to know their thoughts about their store experience. Queue management systems come with customer feedback devices attached so that customer feedback can be received immediately. The findings from this data can be used to further improve your services and products. 

Internet and Mobile Queuing

To get the most out of products and services you offer, customers today are making the most of the internet through their smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Queue management systems make it easier for customers to get in line!

Using queuing apps on their phone, customers can now get in the queue even before they leave their homes. They can secure an appointment for various services over the internet. This means they do not have to wait long for their turn which in turn adds to their quotient of customer satisfaction. 

Call Doorway Services for Smart Business Door Installation and Repair

To maximise the benefits of your queue management systems, its important to install sleek automatic doors that can assist you in regulating and managing the foot traffic in your store.

The professional door installers at Doorway Services are just the people for the job. We ensure that you get the most out of your entrance and exits while keeping your customers safe. 

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3 Reasons Why Automatic Doors are Vital in Hospitals

Over the past few months, our brave NHS  staff have been at the forefront of treating COVID-19 patients.

Fortunately, the number of cases has begun to decrease which has not only reduced pressure on hospital staff but also resulted in the lockdown being lifted gradually.

Nonetheless, it’s still important for the NHS to continue strict and extensive measures, especially when it comes to the health of the medical staff and recuperating patients.

Social distancing measures have helped significantly in controlling the spread of the virus, but the transmission that occurs from physical contact through surfaces like door handles needs to be taken into account. This is one of the reasons why automatic door services, like automatic sliding and swinging doors, play a key role in the infrastructure of medical centres.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top 3 reasons why hospitals need to install automatic doors if they haven’t already.

1. Keep Foot Traffic Under Control

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have witnessed a massive surge in their daily foot traffic and that has only increased the possibilities of virus transmission through contaminated surfaces.

In order to reduce physical contact with such surfaces, thereby breaking the chain of transmission, it’s imperative to have a well-thought-out entry and exit solution in place.

Wherever possible, hospitals and doctors surgeries should consider installing automatic sliding doors throughout their premises. These doors will not only eliminate the need for using our hands to open it, but also help in reducing the chances of contracting the virus. Moreover, installing automatic doors completely eliminates the need to station additional staff at multiple points of entry and exit.

If you are looking for professional automatic door installation and maintenance services for your hospital, you can partner with commercial door suppliers at Doorway Services.

2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

When it comes to hospitals, keeping the entire premises clean has always been the top priority. However, given the present situation, it has become even more important to maintain the highest level of sanitation; and one of the best ways to do this is by installing automatic doors.

Since these doors are usually made of glass and aluminium, cleaning them becomes easier. This reason alone is enough to understand why automatic doors are the best option for hospitals.

What’s more, these doors can be easily paired with wave sensors or activators to take the “zero contact” approach up a notch.

This further helps you ensure that people no longer need to open doors manually as it curbs the spread of the virus through physical contact while improving the hospital’s level of hygiene.

For thorough and professional automatic door installation, you can get in touch with the expert door installers at Doorway Services.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

During this period, you would want to offer the best level of safety and care to all your patients but may have budget restrictions.

In this case, one of the best ways would be to install automatic doors at your hospital premises. This will ensure that you are not only saving thousands of pounds but also taking care of your patient’s health and safety.

Despite the initial installation costs, installing automatic doors can actually save public institutions money. Opening and closing only when needed help to save unnecessary heat loss. Put simply, it helps you cover the installation expenses by lowering your energy bills.

In addition, automatic doors are highly reliable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and cost-effective. All these factors come together to make it a must-have in every hospital.

Get in Touch with Doorway Services for Automatic Door Installation and Repair Services

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so ensure that you are preventing future health problems by re-evaluating all the entry and exit points in your hospital.

If you are looking to install automatic doors or want to repair the existing ones, partner with Doorway Services as we are the best automatic door repair company in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

You can also give us a call to find out more about our door installation and repair services.

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Here’s How To Manage Heavy Foot Traffic In Your Retail Store

If heavy customer flow tops your list of concerns, you need strategies that you can rely on to manage heavy foot traffic efficiently in your retail store. That way, it will be easier for you to manage and attend to customers in a more practical way. It all boils down to effective crowd control and in this piece, we will discuss how you can manage heavy foot traffic easily.

Let’s dive in!

Keep Exits and Entrances Clear

With clearly marked exits and entryways, smooth customer flow within the venue is guaranteed. This is applicable for the threshold entry of your store and for various other points of entry and exit. This includes the corridor of your store, the queue or the service area inside. Having easy accessibility in the store with a clear pathway that leads to the exit makes movability and the process of shopping more fun and less of a challenge. 

Also, ensure that the entrance is dressed up with your store’s goods for enhanced visual appeal. An attractive storefront can compel buyers to make a purchase when they weren’t even planning to do so in the first place. 

Installing Automatic Doors to Manage Heavy Foot Traffic

Installing automatic doors in your retail store will greatly help especially as it leans on the point mentioned above. With automatic glass stores installed, decorating your storefront is easier. They provide easy access to the store as they open up automatically when someone approaches. Installing automatic doors in a retail store makes more sense as shoppers with their hands full with bags can enter and exit the premises with zero effort. What’s more, automatic door maintenance is especially easy when you partner with the professionals at Doorway Services. 

Plan Pathways Conducive for Easy Customer Flow

Pathways that help disperse customers in the right direction will greatly help manage the influx of both people and sales. Clearly marked pathways for both entry and exit with wayfinding signage like stanchions and belts will be useful. You can create clear pathways using the merchandise in your store to keep shoppers focused and on the move.

Using signage in your retail outlet will help customers know the exact points they are supposed to be at every stage of their shopping experience. Using dedicated methods to mark pathways can help manage heavy foot traffic with more flexibility. You can also use signs to highlight areas with promotional merchandise while making check-ins and outs hassle-free.

Account for Wait Time

While waiting in long winding queues is exhausting for customers, acknowledging it might offer a bit of relief. You can install digital displays in your retail store or have your staff convey the expected wait time to shoppers directly. This way, they will know what to expect. While the lines are unavoidable, the wait time will seem more manageable and realistic making shoppers more willing to wait for their turn.

Predict and Act Fast

Store managers can use analytics in real-time to get a sense of the expected foot traffic with the help of queue management technology. When wait times extend beyond what’s reasonable, staff could be deployed immediately for crowd control. Having hands-on information will help managers adjust the waiting line set up to keep the crowd on a steady move and manage heavy foot traffic efficiently.

Entertain and Engage

When the wait times increase, it will help to have digital displays in your retail store to distract customers and engage them in something interesting. These entertaining distractions will assist in reducing the perceived wait time and increase your chances of generating more sales. Make the most of digital displays in prime waiting areas. 

Queuing Clarity

Letting your customers know when to move from one place to another will help customers stay calm and relaxed. They can even continue to shop if merchandise is placed along the pathway that leads to the check out counter. Additionally, you can consider having a virtual queue in your retail store. Or, you can have a call-forward queue option and ensure that your staff performance is at its peak while reducing the downtime. 

Prepare to Organise Overflow

In a retail setting, a sudden deluge of customers is bound to happen especially during peak times. When the sudden influx of customers leads to backing up of lines, the overcrowding can restrict access to other areas of the store. This might also lead to concerns regarding the safety of the store. This is why keeping the customer flow organised and in systematic lines will help you provide a better customer experience. 

Organising the foot traffic that your store receives keeps the crowd moving which makes the customer feel valued.

Final Thoughts

As a retail store owner, it is important to get on top of foot traffic management while accounting for inevitabilities. Maintain a checklist of all the essential things to keep your store up and running at all times.

For automatic door repairs and installation, get in touch with the team at Doorway Services.

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Reasons Why Installing Sliding Doors Is Good For Your Business

These days, people prefer automatic sliding doors that open on-demand with no effort or exertion required to open or close them. This is why installing sliding doors in commercial buildings is perfect given how convenient they are to use. Sliding doors are ideal for business premises, shopping malls, department stores, eateries, bookstores, retail outlets etc. Basically, any commercial place that receives a lot of foot traffic can benefit from installing sliding doors!

For some people, installing automatic doors in business buildings has more to do with functional advantages and the availability of various design options. 

At Doorway Services, we have compiled a list of reasons to help you make an informed decision for your commercial space. We are sure that these reasons will help you improve your business vastly, so let’s take a look!

Ease of Access

Automatic sliding doors, move with absolute ease and finesse without any manual exertion! The sensor mechanism of the door does a pretty good job all on its own. This offers easy access to commercial buildings for everyone who enters and exits. What’s more, it’s easier for people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities to gain access to your building. It is convenient for people with babies as well!

Environmentally Friendly

Installing sliding doors is eco-friendly as it helps maintain stable and comfortable temperatures in a commercial building. It keeps the heat from escaping by sliding open only when required and remaining shut otherwise. This will not only consume less energy (which will be reflected in the reduced bills) but it also acts as an efficient insulator. Moreover, it is effective in both summer and winter.

Exceptional Glazing

There is a vast range of glazes that you can choose from for sliding doors. Some of these glazes are effective enough to reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays by almost 98%. There are glazes available that will help reduce condensation and frost on the glass.

Indoor and Outdoor Flow

With sliding doors, you can easily bring the outdoors inside and vice versa by creating an uninterrupted and flawless flow between spaces. Additionally, with sliding doors installed, you will have a brilliant and continuous view of your surroundings all year round.

Natural Light

Commercial sliding doors possess extra large glass panes that run right from the top all the way down to each panel. This feature helps make the most of the natural light that your business building receives while simultaneously reducing the need for artificial lighting

Safety and Security

Installing sliding doors will do wonders for your building’s safety and security with its robust and shatterproof surface. As a business owner, safety and security will be on top of your list of priorities. You need to ensure that you keep intruders out at all times and with sliding doors, you can achieve that. 

To ensure that your door is always at the peak of its performance, it is best to carry out maintenance checks and sliding door repair in Northamptonshire.

Save Space

The mechanism of sliding door doesn’t require a hinge as it simply glides along the path without any swinging. This way, you use up less space as you don’t have to account for the arc a swinging door would require. The panels simply slide over one another within the available space. In case of any issue, you can opt for Northampton sliding door repair. 

Style and Aesthetics

Installing sliding doors can upgrade your business’s aesthetics and style given how you can order bespoke doors specific to your requirements. They are modern yet simple and sleek which is why they go well with almost every architectural style. At the same time, these doors continue offering great performance with a highly functional design. 

If you believe that your commercial building will benefit from any of the points mentioned above, you should definitely consider installing sliding doors. What’s more, Doorway Services is the best sliding door repair company in Northampton.

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5 Advantages That Businesses Can Reap With The Installation of Automatic Doors

There are several benefits to installing automatic doors. This is why so many businesses across the world use these doors in both industrial and commercial workspaces as they facilitate convenient and easy access to a building. With automatic door installation, businesses can not only save space but also provide an entrance that doesn’t affect the footfall a building receives nor does it create any congestion in the workplace.

If you want a life of convenience in your business premises, then automatic doors are the perfect solution. In this piece, we will discuss 5 primary benefits of automatic door installation over their manual counterparts.

1. Automatic Doors are Highly Convenient

More than anything else, installing automatic doors is exceptionally convenient. The beauty of automated doors lies in the fact that almost anyone can enter the building with absolute ease. People with kids or with hands full with things can walk into a building without lifting a finger. Moreover, people with mobility issues can also enter and exit a building easily. This shows how handy and user-oriented automatic doors are.

2. Automatic Doors Look Aesthetic

For our business building, we all want our doors to look as appealing and inviting as possible. Be it, employees, clients or customers an aesthetic entrance has a welcoming vibe that’s good for business. Making your commercial building look attractive is important as it has the potential to enhance productivity and overall happiness and morale for all its occupants. At Doorway Services, many of our automatic doors are made of glass that’ll give your workplace a rather sleek and contemporary look. With a range of options and bespoke specifications available, you can easily find a door that’s ideal for your needs.

3. Improved Business

Over the years, studies have shown that employees tend to work better when they feel valued in the workplace. Additionally, shoppers tend to shop more in a place with happy staff members and easy navigation. This shows that if you want your business to have that element of appeal, then ensure that your employees are happy and invest in some automatic doors to make customers feel more welcome. Automatic doors simply open up when a customer is near, encouraging them to come in and thereby indirectly bringing in more business. 

4. Reduced Energy Costs

With automated doors installed, you can save energy which in turn will result in low energy bills every month. As these doors open up only when someone approaches and remain closed the rest of the time, there’s little to no loss of heat occurring through open doors. This is why installing automatic doors especially in the UK is a great choice. Additionally, automatic doors work in reverse to prevent the cool air from air-conditioning from escaping while keeping dust from entering a building. If you wish to maintain either warm or cool temperatures in your commercial or industrial building, then automatic doors are the ideal choice.

5. High Levels of Hygiene

Lastly, automatic doors are perfect for hospital buildings and food factories as they have extremely high health and safety standards not to mention incredibly high sanitation levels as well. If cleanliness and hygiene are crucial in a space, then automatic doors can be installed with airtight functionality to keep dirt and dust from entering the premises and polluting the environment. 

Installation of automatic doors has been popular since the 1950s and is still one of the most commonly used doors across industries and businesses all over the world. 

If you wish to install automatic doors in your business building, we offer expert installation services for a variety of businesses. With us as your business door installers, you will not have to worry about your automatic door repairs and maintenance at all. You will have high-performing and functional business doors that are perfect for your place of work.

Get in touch with us today to start reaping the benefits of automatic door installation!

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The 3 Types of Doors Every Care Home Needs

Adult care homes in the UK have been on the rise to serve the ever-increasing needs of our older population. As people age, it becomes consistently harder to cater to all their needs which is why care homes are often the perfect alternative to home-based care. But old age homes come with their own set of challenges. A great number of the elderly population suffers from Dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons. This means that the care home premises need to have top-notch safety and security measures in place to ensure that the residents within do not wander off on their own. 

This includes having adequate and well-trained staff on board to keep a close eye on people entering and exiting the care home premises. 

The types of doors installed at various points of entry is a brilliant way to safeguard the premises from both internal and external factors.

Robust and sturdy doors for care homes should be an integral aspect of your plan for a safe and secure property. 

This is why at Doorway Services, we’ve highlighted the 3 types of doors that every care home needs!

1. Fire Doors


You can never be too prepared in case of fire breakouts and care homes are no exception. Fire doors should be a part of both residential and commercial premises so that intense fires can be contained and the affected building can be evacuated. 

The simple truth is that fire doors save lives. They’re made to contain fire and smoke from spreading for a certain time period which can be used to:

  • Safeguard escape routes so people within care homes can safely vacate the premises. 
  • Safeguard the property and the contents within (for insurance purposes)
  • Let firefighters tackle the fire as safely and quickly as possible. 

Add smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to the mix and your care home will be at the peak of safety. Fire door maintenance and repair has to be taken up regularly to ensure they’re in top-notch condition as they’re integral to the health and safety of a premise. 

At Doorway Services, we’ll help you ensure that the fire doors in your care home are always functioning at the highest standard. 

2. Automatic Doors


The older population in care homes might not be able to manually open and close heavyset doors. This is where automatic doors come into the picture. What’s more, these are available in both swing and slide alternatives so you can take your pick. 

Having automatic doors installed in care homes and other commercial premises is applicable by law as well. According to the ‘Disability and Discrimination Act Part 3, Provision of Services’ enforced on 1st October 2004 – service providers have to make “reasonable adjustments” in their premises to make sure that people with disability are able to access the premises. 

This means elderly people and people with disabilities should be able to enter and exit premises freely and in a safe way. Care homes provide a service to the elderly which directly makes the law applicable to them. 

And the best way to ensure that the elderly can enter and exit a premise without any assistance is by installing automatic doors from Doorway Services.

3. Password Protected Automatic Doors


As mentioned earlier, the elderly in care homes may suffer from ailments like dementia. They might wander off sometimes without being able to find their way back and this concern in care homes is ever-present. 

To remedy this, care homes can install password protected automatic doors to ensure that the patients in the premise don’t ever lose their way. Unless a member of staff punches in the password, they won’t be able to get out of their respective wards. This way, care home personnel will be able to keep tabs on the whereabouts of every resident while ensuring they don’t wander away and hurt themselves. 

Password protected automatic doors are perhaps an easy and effective way to protect care homes from break-ins. So, if you’re wondering how you could up your game and make your premises more secure, password-protected doors are the answer!

At Doorway Services, we provide an extensive range of robust commercial doors perfect for care homes. What’s more, we can customise each door as per your individual requirements while also providing routine maintenance checks and repairs

Give us a call today and make your care homes safe and secure for its inhabitants!