Automatic doors are designed to work automatically when approached by someone rather than need to be opened manually with a door handle or bar. Some automatic doors are operated by buttons to get open. These doors require electricity to operate, with a driving motor which causes opening and closing of the doors. The electrified driving motor is connected to a motion sensor which detects movement of people when they are close to the doors. Besides this, the most important aspect which needs to be prioritised is automatic door repair, as proper maintenance is a must.

Mostly automatic doors are used by medical facilities that help them secure an area while reducing the risk of cross-contamination. As the visitors increase and so the usage, they require service at least once a week, resulting in maintenance and repairing of automatic doors.  These doors can also be useful in warehouses and other facilities, contributing to safety and efficiency by making it easier for people to get around. Many automatic doors have a manual override so that in case of a power failure or a mechanical problem, the doors can still be opened by anyone.

Types of Automatic Doors Provided by Doorway Services

We install automatic doors according to your demand, for both private and public premises be it hospitals or housing. We have automatic sliding doors and automatic swinging doors for all entrance access solutions.

Automatic Sliding Doors:

Automatic sliding doors provide effective two-way traffic. Automatic Sliding doors are equipped with a feature that allows the sliding door to swing when pushed out in emergencies.

These doors are offered in various configurations, including traditional bi-parting, single slide and telescoping models. These doors require an adequate amount of space in a room so that they can slide easily while opening. We use high quality sensors in these doors for better convenience and ensure safety measures.

There are some advantages if you choose automatic sliding doors to install at your place:

  • Automatic sliding doors always give luxurious and modern solution for your home. They will provide a smooth flow of customers at restaurants, shops and also at other commercial spaces. They provide a touch of elegance and modern look to your place which will attract guests and visitors. Sometimes people carry things which makes it impossible for them to manually open a door so, when they step in these doors, it provides them with an obstruction-free and easy entrance.
  • Automatic sliding doors will help you preserve optimal temperature, which makes them very energy-efficient and cost-effective. Doors having glass will allow sunshine and daylight to enter rooms which also help save on your electricity bills.
  • We have automated sliding doors made of toughened glass which is stronger than the regular ones. Additionally, transparency of glass doors helps to secure your place from outside too as cameras can easily spot and record any criminal activity.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic swinging doors are usually directional and used for narrow passage, either in or out. The operators can just be supplied with drive arm and header or as a complete package. They can be installed overhead or mounted on the surface for push and pull usage. An operator with drive arm and header are provided together with a suitable activation and security system when existing door panels are utilized.

We provide a variety of modern age automatic swing doors in different shapes and sizes which offer a lot of convenience at different places such as homes, offices, restaurants, shops, etc.

There are numerous benefits of installing these doors which are mentioned below:

  • These doors have safety sensors, wireless remote control, timers, controlled accessories, etc which ensures high level of security. In case there are many visitors randomly entering and exiting, then this option will help you to manage traffic.
  • Besides security, these doors offer great looks as well. There are many designs to opt from while installing these doors. This is the main reason why these gates can be seen at airport facilities, hotels, shopping centres, big retail outlets and various other places.
  • Automatic swing doors can be adjusted according to space of the room as these doors have single and dual door movement mechanisms. So if there is a need for single door movement for small space, it can fit perfectly.

To sum up, automatic doors are the professional, modern, stylish and handy solution to your home and will improve its looks.

Maintenance and Automatic Door Repair

Automatic door repair is the most overlooked aspect of maintenance at your place. If you do not keep your doors in proper working condition then it can lead to various problems which can reduce your reputation among visitors. Automatic doors are usually subjected to heavy usage, so they need to be maintained regularly. If they are malfunctioning, then it is quite possible that these need to be repaired. Don’t wait for the doors to start showing signs of failure as it may put safety of visitors at risk. If entrance door sticks when somebody tries to enter it causes a safety risk and a huge inconvenience for visitors. It will be disappointment for businesses also, as it will give customers a negative impression and you may start to lose them.

Doorway Services will analyse the frequency of the inspection which will be determined by usage of the doors. It will help you to make schedules for maintenance and repairing of automatic doors. We will provide a diagnostic and safety test of your system to quickly determine what repairs are needed. Most of the problems come with malfunctioning of sensors while repairing automatic doors. Sensors and motor controls are the main reason behind opening and closing of the doors.

Since engineers try to figure out causes related to these issues, sensors are disabled and then motor is replaced for safety purposes. Our professional workers will always look out for your safety and replace old equipments with high quality automatic doors.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your automatic doors is a good practice. But it is even better to do security checks daily to ensure your doors are working properly. There are some tips to check functioning of your automatic doors:

  • Check if electronic sensor is working properly when someone passes through the entrance.
  • Observe the time spans in which it opens and closes according to the motion of the person. It should be smoother and accurate with the distance of the person entering or crossing the door.
  • Check how it works when a person stands close to it motionless. It should remain open until the person crosses entrance.

It is important to maintain automatic doors on a regular basis as they have potential to cause serious injury to anyone. At Doorway Services, we are expert in installing, repairing, servicing, and maintaining all kinds of doors. We keep records of the doors we install and maintain it together with the reports of inspection.

Why Doorway Services Are Best For Automatic Door Repair?

Here at Doorway Services, we are passionate about the safety and reliability of door systems across  UK. If you have automatic doors in your premises, you need to inspect the operation and working of the doors regularly for safety and security purposes.

If you fail to maintain and repair automatic doors, you could be in trouble for not ensuring safe environment to your place. Instead of carrying out inspection or repair of automatic doors yourself, and to avoid any legal action or injury on your premises, feel free to contact us any time.

Doorway Services have certified and professional workers who will inspect your automatic door repair on a regular basis. We will carry out necessary operations for maintenance to ensure compliance with latest legislation as well as make sure, that your automatic doors are perfectly safe.  Our service will leave you satisfied with our work and maintenance techniques.