Business doors are most commonly used in commercial settings such as stores, schools and office buildings. In case you’re wondering how they are different from regular residential doors, they are built in a particular way to offer higher resilience to regular wear and tear, which is why we offer business door repairs. These type of doors need to be more durable since they are subjected to high levels of abuse and traffic.

In many commercial centres, business doors need to comply with a set of regulations regarding general and fire safety and handicapped accessibility. If they fail to meet the required standards you may find it difficult to acquire the necessary permissions.

Types of Business Door Repairs We Undertake

Business Doors are built of different materials depending on the level of security that the door is expected to provide. Different places demand varying degrees of security and the material for the door is chosen accordingly.

At Doorway Services we offer maintenance and repair services for a range of business doors and following are some of the common business door repairs that we undertake:

Wooden Door Repair

Wooden business doors are mostly used in premises that need a moderate level of security. This type of door is constructed using sheets of wood veneer fixed on a core of solid composite material. The core can be built of different materials such as solid lumber, particle board or compressed mineral products such as vermiculite and perlite.

Wooden doors are susceptible to damage from moisture and other weather conditions and for this reason they are mostly used in interior commercial applications. It is also a reason why they require frequent repairs and regular upkeep. Despite the fact they are not very durable and offer very little security, they are increasingly used inside office premises due to their high aesthetic appeal.

Wooden Business Door Repair

Steel Door Repair

Unlike wooden doors, steel doors are primarily used as exterior commercial doors since they provide greater protection and higher level of security. They are also considered to be long lasting and cost effective if you factor in the low amount of money that is spent in maintaining such doors.

Steel doors are constructed from steel sheets which are wrapped around a core. Even though they are referred to as ‘hollow’ doors, they actually contain a resinous honeycombed core, steel stiffeners or foam insulation. In order to ensure that they continue providing security, Doorway Services recommends that you repair them at the slightest deterioration.

Blue Steel Business Door Repair

Aluminium Door Repair

Aluminium offers a sleek and clean look and this is primarily the reason why they are used at entrances of commercial structures. They are used in combination with glass to enhance their aesthetic appeal and allow more sunlight to enter the premises.

Unlike other wooden and metal doors, they need very little maintenance as they are resistant to stains and abrasions. But these type of doors cannot withstand fire for more than an hour and this makes them an unlikely choice for premises that need to fire proof. We offer Aluminium Door repair services to ensure your premises are secured enough to let you rest in peace.

Aluminium Business Door Repair

Fiberglass Door Repair

Among all the types of business doors, fiberglass doors offer the highest durability and generally last longer than wood and steel doors. They are particularly suited for high abuse applications. Their high durability and ability to last longer makes them a perfect choice for applications in which they do not need to maintained or replaced often.

Fiberglass Business Door Repair

Overhead Door Repair

These type of door are usually made from sheets of steel. They are suitable for premises which see frequent movement of products or cargo such as loading docks or manufacturing facilities. These doors are usually 8 to 10 feet in width and the height is customised according to requirement. They can be coiled up towards the ceiling and can be operated automatically or manually.

Overhead Business Door Repair

Why Regular Business Door Repair is Necessary?

Speaking about security, there is one inference we need to draw from the architecture of forts and palaces that were constructed in earlier times. It is how they focused on making their doors and entrances impenetrable.

At Doorway Services we believe the entrance is the most important aspect of the security of any premise, be it a residential or commercial property. If the entrance can be compromised, your entire organisation stands at a risk of being attacked.

Certain organisations like banks, commercial and government offices and residential properties of influential people need to have an impressive security mechanism in place to keep the thieves and burglars at bay. If you own any such property that you need to have secured round the clock, every day of the week then here are some valid reasons why business door repair is necessary and you should focus on its maintenance.

Why It’s Necessary

Unless you are doing absolutely nothing worthwhile in your business, security is a major concern that you simply cannot overlook. The number of threats only increase when you run a business or hold a significant position in a private or government institution. There may be attempts to steal your data and you should prepare yourself and your premises to prevent such thefts.

It may be difficult to divert your available resources to the cause of strengthening your security but you should also understand how important it is. The consequences of a security lapse can be immense and should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid Paying More

If you let the security of your premise deteriorate gradually there will be a time when making it secure once again will require a huge investment from your end. Instead of paying a heavy sum for it later, you can avoid this situation with regular upkeep of your office security system of which your entrance and door is an integral part. When business door repair is not carried out on a regular basis you are exposing your business to innumerable threats that can prove to be quite costly in the long run.

With regular maintenance you are ensuring from your end that things do not go beyond your control. You should carefully analyse your entire property to realise which are the weak corners and sections that can be exploited by a thief to gain an entry into your space.

Reduce Business Downtime

The losses incurred in offices when there’s a break-in, is not just limited to the valuables or data that is stolen but also includes the amount of time that is wasted in restoring things back to normalcy. In this process there’s a significant loss in terms of business and this can only add to the woes of somebody who has recently been robbed.

Profits going down is a shock for business owners even in normal conditions but when it gets coupled with a lapse in security, the situation can be quite frustrating. It is therefore advisable that you pay sufficient attention to maintenance and repairs of essential sections of your premise such as the entrance, windows and other such vulnerable areas.

Extend the Product Life

Business doors also have a lifespan despite their high durability and strength. Regular maintenance and repair work ensures that the business doors continue to perform their functions without compromising on the very reason why they have been installed. As it often happens, the life of a product can be significantly increased through regular maintenance work.

Apart from the security concern there is also the added benefit that maintenance offers, which is getting the return on investment on the product that you have paid a good price for. Security is one of the most crucial aspects and its importance should never be undermined. We hope the reasons given above are sufficient to convince you to take the necessary actions to maintain your workplace or home security.

Why Doorway Services for Business Door Repairs?

At Doorway Services, we understand the perils of dealing with broken doors and the consequences that they can bring along. We are dedicated to the purpose of making commercial and residential properties more secure and for this reason we strive to offer unparalleled maintenance and repair services. We believe in delivering prompt services and our emergency call out service ensures that you receive all the help you need regarding your doors at the earliest.

So contact us today and get the best business door repair services.