Lifespan, outside and inside of automatic door installation

Increase the Lifespan of Your Automatic Doors With Our 4 Easy Tips

Automatic doors are perhaps the most common choice of entrance for commercial buildings. They not only welcome visitors but also moderate traffic and maintain climate zones within the space. Given the versatility of doors, they are usually found in pharmacies, supermarkets, high streets, office blocks, schools and universities.

Because of their easy open and close functionality, automatic doors are taken for granted and their servicing is often neglected. However, what if we tell you that with little care and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your doors remain operational for up to 20 years! 

There are certain tips that increase the lifespan of your automatic doors, but before we take a close look at how you can achieve that, it’s important that you prioritise door safety.

How to Ensure if Your Automatic Doors are Safe?

Performing door safety checks is an easy task. All you have to do is ensure that the safety sensors are in excellent working condition, meaning that they are working as intended with no delay or stutter. Additionally, check that the door isn’t jamming and the speeds are precise. For best results, schedule an appointment with Doorway Service’s professional door installer so that we can ensure all the safety boxes are checked off. 

When you schedule a professional maintenance check, you can prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Moreover, self-maintaining your door pays off as it not only helps avoid common issues but also adds to your door’s lifespan, making your investment worthwhile.

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Automatic Doors

The best advice we’d offer that you can ever receive is to ensure that you hold yourself accountable for conducting a detailed examination of your automatic door every 30 days. Occupier safety checks are very helpful as it allows you to identify any problems before something goes wrong. Moreover, as a commercial entity, you can rest assured that all warning/advisory signs are visible and you’re in compliance with safety regulations.

That said, mentioned below are tips that’ll add to the lifespan of your automatic door installation:

  • Routine checks for debris and obstructions

    Carrying out routine checks for any blockages of this kind will help you steer clear of bigger issues that, if ignored can turn out to be costly. 

  • Pay attention to the sounds

    When entering and exiting, pause for a second and pay attention to the sound of the doors. Since you’ll be using the doors on a daily basis, the slightest change in these sounds will immediately come to your attention. This will again help you spot issues, if any, and get them fixed.

  • Conduct regular tests

    When you run door tests every now and then, you’ll be able to attest to the effectiveness of the approach sensors. Also, you can see if the doors open and close exactly as they should. Fire drills are the perfect opportunity for you to observe how the doors respond to increased foot traffic charging all at once.

  • Apply lubricants

    To avoid friction in the mechanism of doors, ensure that you apply lubricants wherever necessary. When you oil all the door locks regularly, it helps keep them healthy and contribute towards prolonging the overall lifespan.

All these checks are rather easy to perform and you’ll be glad to find out how much difference it makes to the overall maintenance and everyday door performance.

It’ll help to have a dedicated professional servicing and maintenance contract in place with a reliable company like Doorway Services. We’ll carry out all the essential checks with our team of trained professionals so that you get optimal door performance always.

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