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3 Office Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Workplace for 2021

If you’re busy running your business on a day to day basis, general office maintenance can often take a backseat. While it’s definitely not as exciting as focusing on growing the business, it’s important to ensure that your commercial building is in the best shape possible

As we edge closer to the New Year, it’s time to tie up all the loose ends in your business, which includes fixing up your workplace for next year. At Doorway Services, we’ve put together a list of 3 office maintenance tips to prepare your workplace for 2021!

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1. Inspect Your Workplace for Necessary Repairs

Often maintenance and repair work in your commercial building is routine and consists of common wear and tear incurred over time. In some cases, you don’t notice a problem until it’s a full-fledged repair issue. Cracks in your building’s structure or buildup of rust and debris in your plumbing system are good examples here. 

Usually, you don’t notice these problems unless a repair is required. The key is to spot such issues in advance and a routine workplace inspection should take care of this. 

Don’t wait for these maintenance issues to get out of hand; actively seek them out. Where possible perform routine maintenance checks in your office building including your roof, floors, structure, electric connections and plumbing. 

You know your office building better than anyone so create your own bespoke checklist based on all the equipment and space you own. 

2. Modernise and Restore Office Equipment and Facilities

While giving your whole office a new look can be quite expensive, investing in key office equipment and facilities will pay off in the long run. For instance, installing energy efficient light fixtures can help reduce your energy costs. 

Similarly, installing automatic glass doors in your premises will prevent warm air from escaping, meaning your heating system doesn’t have to work too hard. Following social distancing guidelines, it will be good to install measures that safeguards the health and wellbeing of your staff when they return in 2021. Ensure that in the New Year, cleaning of office premises and surfaces takes priority over everything else. 

Ensure that you undertake timely review of your facility, with special emphasis on business door performance and technical equipment. 

With these office maintenance tips, you’ll be investing in the future of your business and positioning yourself for better returns in the New Year. 

3. Check and Replace Office Furniture Heating Systems

As a part of general office maintenance tips, inspecting the validity and functionality of your existing furniture is key. Old and creaky chairs and work desks can frustrate your employees and impact their productivity, not to mention it could cause health problems. 

Consider replacing old furniture with ergonomic models that provide the necessary support and comfort to your staff. Look into brightening up your office space by adding a few indoor plants or a fresh lick of paint to the walls. 

Often a major source of office debate, ensure you maintain an optimum office temperature; make sure your thermostat is in sync with the season. Conduct routine maintenance checks on your heating equipment to ensure your systems are working when you need them most. 

Don’t forget to review the efficiency of your electrical systems and fixtures along with plumbing and other standard maintenance work. 

Call Doorway Services for Business Door Repair, Servicing and Maintenance

With the year we’ve had, the doors to your business have probably had a more in depth review than they ever had, ensuring they’re sanitised and operating effectively. In 2021, consider installing bespoke automatic sliding or swing doors installed, to limit physical contact with the door’s surface. 

As expert door installers and servicers in the UK, at Doorway Services we have an extensive range of commercial doors that offer an increased level of security and safety to your commercial building.

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Improve business security by installing steel doors in your premise.

Improve Business Security – 4 Benefits of Installing Steel Doors

Since everyone has a list of resolutions for the New Year, why not create some for your business as well? Resolutions are made for improvement and when it comes to your business, one crucial aspect that you should focus on is your business’ security. 

Doors are the point of entry for every business, making it one of the most important elements of security. Having robust doors made out of the best materials will help enhance security and enable better protection of your premises. 

When it comes to commercial business doors, steel is one of the best available materials since it’s more secure and stronger than traditional materials like wood or plastic. Installing steel doors will provide more security while also elevating the aesthetic value of your workspace. 

With this in mind, at Doorway Services, we have stated the benefits of installing steel doors for your business.

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1. Energy-Efficient

Installing steel doors on your business premises can help you substantially save on your energy bills. Steel doors are corrosion resistant, making them an excellent choice for the long run.

These robust doors work great during both winter and summer. Due to its impressive thermal conductivity, steel doors absorb heat to keep your space warm. During summer, it stops the cool air from escaping your facility, trapping it within to circulate inside the workspace. 

What’s more, steel door installation can be done both inside and outside your office building. As a professional door installation company, Doorway Services will help you install top-quality steel doors for your business.

2. Fireproof

Fire safety is an important feature your business door needs to have. An advantage of installing steel doors is that while being energy-efficient, they are also fireproof. 

As a business, you need to ensure that you have well-thought-out plans in place to combat any disaster, especially fires. With this in mind, many fire doors are made out of galvanised steel as it provides better safety against fires.  

Galvanised steel doors are not affected by fire, making escape in case of an emergency much easier. Since steel doors are an important safety feature, at Doorway Services we offer installation, maintenance and door repair services to ensure 100% efficiency for your business.

3. Modern Style 

While being durable and energy-efficient, steel doors also provide a stylish and modern aesthetic. With an increasing demand for the installation of steel doors, there are various customised options available to suit your business needs.

The tensile strength and malleability properties of a steel door make it easy for you to create automatic swing doors or sliding doors which can be installed both internally and externally in your commercial premises. Along with the aesthetics, there are many customised locking systems available for steel doors which can boost your overall security.

With the various available customisations, adding in steel doors will prove to be safer and more useful for your business. 

4. Robust and Durable

One of the biggest advantages of installing steel doors is that in terms of durability, they serve as one of the best materials for commercial doors. With a sturdy yet aesthetic appearance, steel doors also offer high functionality.

These robust doors are an excellent long-term choice, making it budget-friendly for your business. Moreover, the toughness and durability of steel doors fortify the security of your business premise, making it difficult for anyone to break into.

Another added advantage of steel doors are while being sturdy and robust, they require very little maintenance making it easier to use.

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As a professional door installation and repair company, Doorway Services understands your need to improve business security for maximum safety.

We provide professional steel door installation along with maintenance and repair work. Doorway Services is a pocket-friendly business who provides functional yet aesthetic commercial business doors. 

From automatic swing doors to sliding doors, we have an array of doors available for you to choose from. To ensure efficient door performance, we offer quality door installation and repair services. 

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