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The 3 Best Steel Doors For Commercial Buildings

Steel doors are known for their excellence, durability and strength. They are also quite commonly used as fire doors and are regularly installed in commercial buildings. 

Over time, the quality and excellence of traditional steel doors have increased, as they have become more popular for aesthetic purposes too.

When it comes to entrances, you cannot simply choose any standard, common door. You need the right combination of durability and high quality to ensure the safety and security of your commercial premises. 

The best steel doors offer high rigidity and are highly construction-friendly. They are not much of a hassle to install and can easily meet all of your commercial door requirements.

Steel entry doors also make it easier to accommodate additional security mechanisms, wiring, monitors and other electrical hardware. Steel frame doors are often used for their fire rating and flexible qualities.

To help you understand the best steel doors for your business, here’s a guide.

The Best Steel Doors For Commercial Buildings

1. Cold Rolled Steel Doors

Cold-rolled steel is one of the best options when it comes to steel doors, it is commonly used and has become a go-to choice over the years. It is said that cold rolled steel demonstrates more strength and durability than hot rolled steel. 

When it comes to choosing the best steel doors, cold-rolled steel takes the prize. This is because these doors can also be used in high-stress applications and can accommodate heavy traffic. As commercial buildings are likely to expect a lot of traffic, cold-rolled steel doors are a perfect choice.

Additionally, cold-rolled steel doors have smooth surfaces and can be easily painted over to match your interiors. This is a great benefit because these doors allow you to create a pleasing aesthetic in your office space, without compromising on security.

As a traditional steel door choice, cold-rolled steel is still highly preferred in industrial settings.

2. Galvanised Steel Doors

Commercial buildings need high-quality, durable doors that do not need frequent repairs or replacements. Galvanised steel doors offer you all of that and more with their robust strength and durability.

These entry doors are essentially made from carbon steel, with a full hot-dip zinc alloy coating. Galvanised steel is known for its exceptional corrosion and rust resistance properties, which means it is the primary choice for commercial premises.

Additionally, the surface of a galvanised steel door is usually powder-coated with a marine-grade powder-coat to ensure and enhance its rust-prevention properties. If the outer surface is scratched, it will still not damage your door. This also helps to give the door a neater and smoother appearance.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doors are one of the best steel doors for commercial use and are commonly found in offices and hospitals. They are highly popular for their sleek appearance, which gives a modern look to any space. 

Moreover, with exceptional rust prevention qualities, stainless steel doors are usually in demand for commercial buildings. That’s not all, stainless steel is excellent for its durability and fire resistance properties too. 

For designers and architects, stainless steel doors are the best steel doors you can choose. This is because they give a wide range of finishing options, which enables door designers to add distinctive features to steel entry doors.

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