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Top 5 Tips to Assess Security Risks in Your Business

With constant warnings about digital theft, cyber security risks and cyber criminals, many organisations have started looking at physical security as a problem of the past!

However, crime hasn’t become entirely digital and it’s unlikely that’ll be the case in the near future. That said, waiting to assess security risks in your business leaves the door open for a huge threat that will not only cost you money, but also hamper your image and customer trust.

Instead of riskinga breach of security and then re-evaluating your safety procedures, why not perform an end-to-end risk assessment beforehand?

At Doorway Services, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you conduct a thorough physical security risk evaluation and safeguard your facility from potential threats.

Let’s dive in!

1. Identify Potential Security Threats

No two businesses are the same, meaning their level of security threats may vary. This is why, when it comes to assessing your premises, it’s crucial to begin with identifying the risks it’s likely to face.

While every organisation is vulnerable to security risks, the likelihood of it happening differs making it essential for you to modify your safety procedures.

For example, a jeweller in an area with higher crime would need robust security measures in place, when compared to the one in a well secured neighbourhood. Moreover, though both jewellers need stricter procedures to deter would-be criminals, the one that’s more vulnerable may want to install shatterproof or password protected automatic doors, alongside other preventative measures.

However, regardless of where your facility is located, there are a few things that you need to address to spot security risks. These include:

  • Crime rate in your local area
  • Common physical security risks faced by any business
  • Number of monitoring systems and security personnel
  • List of people with complete access to your premises
  • Number of entry and exit points in your facility

Once you’ve identified all the possible risks to your business, you can move on to the next step…

2. Assess Security Risks in Your Business

After you’ve prepared a list of threats and vulnerabilities to your organisation, it’s time for risk assessment.

Begin with asking yourself which security threats your business is more likely to face, when compared to others, and then analyse whether or not your current safety procedures address them.

Threats that are highly likely to happen but aren’t addressed properly are the crucial ones that your business needs to focus on.

However, simply assessing these security threats won’t help you secure your organisation. In order to gain a clear picture of the potential risks, it’s essential that you conduct the next 3 steps without fail.

3. Conduct End-to-End Analysis of Your Current Premises

Now that you’ve put the finger on potential threats your business could experience, you need to evaluate your current situation.

A site analysis usually includes your own premises and those in your immediate neighbourhood. That said, when assessing the security level of your physical location, begin with its maintenance and functionality. This is because, any part of your business that hasn’t been maintained can lead to a security breach.

Your manual doors, for example, could pose security risks especially if they lack a strong latch; even your windows are vulnerable to physical damage. Basic maintenance, therefore, is essential to keep your facility safe and secure.

Nonetheless, there are other key business areas too that could lack physical security.

Is it easy for anyone to enter and leave your premise and other secure areas? Do you lack robust monitoring systems? Consider making changes to your physical facility to reinforce your safety measures.

If you’re looking for ways to maintain your commercial space effectively, then click here!

4. Evaluate Your Safety Measures

While it’s essential to assess security risks in your business, it’s also important to analyse the safety measures you have in place.

Many companies have strict security procedures during business hours, but tend to grow lax at night, especially with any nighttime staff. Simply put, if you don’t keep tabs on personnel after working hours are over, they could easily offer access to unauthorised people.

In order to prevent this from happening in your business, you need to ensure that you’ve got robust preventative measures that are hard to break.

Moreover, work alongside your employees to make sure your company isn’t left open to potential outside threats when no one’s around.

5. Analyse YourSecurity Systems

The last step of assessing your facility is checking whether your business has enough security systems installed. You also need to check if they’re functioning properly, or whether they need an update.

It’s also essential to consider installing cameras in blind spots to protect areas that can be easily accessed by anyone.

Additionally, you need to analyse all your existing systems’ comprehensiveness since risks can come in many forms. However, ensure that you’re establishing not only online security measures but also physical safety procedures to prevent any and every type of threat.

Contact Doorway Services for Commercial Door Installation

Conducting end-to-end risk assessments is a crucial part of improving your overall security. This is because once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, it becomes easier to create a safer work environment.

If you want to learn more about how you can assess security risks in your business or need help installing commercial doors for your workplace, give our team at Doorway Services a call today!

benefits of installing aluminium doors, two women walking past a huge glass building

4 Benefits of Installing Aluminium Doors For Your Business

If you are thinking of investing in durable business doors for your commercial building, then installing aluminium doors is ideal. These robust doors not only offer high functionality but also provide effective security, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your business. All these features come together to make aluminium business doors a leading choice for commercial properties. 

Aluminium is known for its efficiency, flexibility and strength. Moreover, with the evolution of the applications of this material in terms of coating and fabrication, its utility in various commercial settings has increased considerably.

Aluminium doors possess great functionality while also serving a stylish look. They can be easily customised, are light-weight, not to mention cost-effective. The material’s efficiency and longevity make it an excellent choice for commercial door installation

Here are a few benefits of installing aluminium doors for your business.

1. Strength and Durability

Aluminium is widely known for its ability to resist corrosion, making it a popular material for doors. It is immune to harsh weather conditions and it offers protection against the harmful effects of UV rays

It can withstand high temperatures and retains its strength even if alterations are made. This makes aluminium one of the best materials for commercial installation. Alloyed aluminium is as strong as steel while also being less heavy. Therefore, it stays unharmed and tends to last for a long period of time.

2. Energy-Efficient and Safe

Installing aluminium doors for your business is ideal if you wish to improve your energy efficiency. It has high thermal insulation properties that help reduce heat transmission, making it a great insulator. When installed correctly, aluminium doors can help regulate and maintain appropriate temperatures in various rooms. They also act as weather-barriers, preventing dust and rain from entering the workspace. 

Aluminium provides safety against fires as it is an effective non-combustible material. Install aluminium doors for your business today for protection against harsh weather conditions and fires, keeping the workspace safe and secure.

Click here to talk to our professional door installers!

3. Maintenance-free

When compared to timber or steel, aluminium is a cheaper material. It is lightweight, 100% recyclable, and can be easily customised and cleaned. At Doorway Services, we can alter and adjust your business doors according to your requirements. 

A quick wash with soap water will be more than enough to keep these doors clean making them maintenance-free. Since aluminium doors are rust and corrosion free, they work great for the long run with very little maintenance required.

For peak business door efficiency, schedule routine door repair and maintenance checks to improve its longevity.

4. Aesthetic Look

While aluminium serves as good material in terms of efficiency and durability, it also has a stylish, modern appearance. Its sleek, minimalistic look helps increase the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. 

Aluminium is customisable, so it can be altered with different finishes and styles. No matter how you modify the material, aluminium delivers and retains its strength without compromising on the aesthetics. 

Contact Doorway Services for Doorway Installations and Repairs

As a professional door installation and repair company, Doorway Services understands your business needs and provides repairs for your aluminium doors. We are a pocket-friendly business who do not compromise on the aesthetic and functionality of our products.

To ensure effective door performance, we offer expert installation and door repair services across businesses so get in touch with us today!

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How To Create a Safe Kitchen Environment For Your Staff In Your Restaurant

Workplace illness and injuries cost restaurateurs around the country millions of pounds annually in terms of both productivity and compensation. This means you need to ensure that you prioritise creating a safe kitchen environment for your staff. 

Be it a quaint coffee shop or a large fast-food franchise, a commercial kitchen is a high-risk and unpredictable environment to work in. Add to this the ongoing pandemic and there are various areas that restaurants need to work on to ensure complete safety of everyone present. 

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to maintain a safe kitchen environment for your staff. Let’s take a look at some easy to implement safety tips for commercial kitchens!

1. Install Fire Doors

In a fast-paced commercial kitchen, fire is a constant hazard that puts your staff at risk. There are a number of reasons why a fire could start in your kitchen but the most common culprit is a grease fire. Sadly, water sprinkler systems aren’t very effective in suppressing grease fire. 

For added safety, you need to install commercial fire doors in your restaurant to ensure that you effectively contain a fire. Once installed, you need to carry out routine fire door repair and maintenance for optimal door performance. 

Additionally, look into installing other fire suppression systems that can help cut off the fuel source if the gas line is tripped or cut. 

Consider installing nozzles that can help spray fire suppressant and help with doing some damage control if required. 

2. Proper Attire

Staff uniforms in commercial kitchens are designed both according to rank and to keep chefs and sous chefs comfortable and clean as they prepare and plate meals for patrons. Usually, the choice of footwear is overlooked and that shouldn’t be the case. The wrong shoes can be responsible for a number of serious injuries in the kitchen and you obviously want to avoid that. 

For proper safety of your staff, ensure that everyone wears closed-toed-footwear when working. Wearing closed-toe shoes will help prevent cuts from falling knives and other utensils, burns and scalds from hot oil and water, chemical burns from cleaning products and more. 

The material of your staff footwear should be robust, waterproof and heavy-duty and the soles should be non-slip to prevent anyone from falling and incurring an injury. 

3. Proper Ventilation

If your commercial kitchen lacks proper ventilation, the room can become hot, smokey and all in all unbearable for its inhabitants in a short time. This can quickly become an unsafe work environment for the staff in the kitchen who remain in the space for prolonged periods of time when cooking. Exposure to constant heat can put them at risk from any heat-related illnesses, not to mention respiratory issues too. 

With proper ventilation in place, you can upgrade the safety and comfort of your staff to create a safe kitchen environment. Moreover, having a proper and functional ventilation system is a legal requirement that you need to comply with. If you fail to meet with this requirement, you could face consequences where you may even have to close shop. 

To create a safe kitchen environment for your staff, ensure that you install the proper ventilation system and maintain it properly to ensure peak efficiency. 

4. Adequate Health and Safety Training

While all industries have occupational health and safety training of some sort in place, there are certain workplace hazards that are specific to the hospitality industry. You need to ensure that you stay on top of these to create a safe kitchen environment for your employees. It would be a good idea to start with a dedicated occupational health and safety training day

With COVID-19 to think about as well, a proper training seminar can help address a number of issues including social distancing, hygiene, proper food handling and storage techniques amongst other things. 

Call Doorway Services to Install Fire Doors

Commercial kitchens are perhaps one of the most dangerous environments to work in which makes kitchen safety a top priority. As your staff works in close proximity to flames and fuel, a fire breaking out is always a concern. 

Call the expert door installers at Doorway Services to take kitchen safety up a notch. Additionally, incorporate the tips mentioned above to protect your employees and your business from any potential harm while ensuring that you maintain your productivity!

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Interior of an empty restaurant with swinging doors in the backdrop highlighting the importance of installing swinging doors for your restaurant

Top Advantages of Installing Swinging Doors For Your Restaurant

With an increasing number of businesses operating in the food and drink industry, the restaurant market in the UK is huge. While business may be slow at the moment, once things go back to normal, every eatery is bound to experience significant growth. If you were considering making some changes in your restaurant, now’s the time. 

We do not mean for you to go all out and renovate the entire space but make some changes that are in line with the ongoing pandemic. Sure your menu brings patrons in the door, but the visual appeal and aesthetics of your diner matters just as much. 

Since social distancing is important in the current environment, installing swinging doors for your restaurant is ideal for reducing contact with surfaces that can harbour germs. Just like sliding glass doors, there are several benefits of installing swinging doors installed in your eatery.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Offers Privacy

Installing swinging doors for your restaurant will provide a barrier between the seating area and the restaurant kitchen, meaning both your customers and your staff can benefit from a bit of privacy.

Your customers will highly appreciate the barrier in the form of a swinging commercial door as the open view of a busy kitchen could be distracting and it may put a damper on their dining experience. If patrons are seated close to the kitchen, they’ll feel as if the staff is eavesdropping and watching them eat their meal which, of course, won’t be a pleasant experience for them.

On the other hand, your staff can enjoy their privacy as they prep, cook and serve meals while performing other tasks at hand without customers staring at them continuously. Both parties will appreciate the opportunity to have their own personal space and go on about their duties and meals as usual.

2. Open and Light Atmosphere

Along with privacy, swinging restaurant doors maintain an airy atmosphere that’s great for a good conversation for customers across the restaurant. If your kitchen is done in darker tones, it can affect staff productivity. Installing swinging doors will make your restaurant appear brighter and more open. With glass doors installed across the premises, better airflow can be maintained while keeping the space properly lit.

Proper air circulation and ventilation are important to avoid the room from having a stuffy vibe. Plus, with swinging doors, the aroma of the food being cooked will waft into the seating space, enticing customers to stay longer and order more.

3. Easy to Use

Swinging restaurant doors are highly functional thanks to the ease of operation for waiters and customers alike. To account for social distancing, install automatic swinging doors that swing open as people approach. These doors are built to open in either direction. Once opened, they return to their original position after people pass through. This makes it easier for servers to enter the dining area with large trays and platters of food easily which may not be possible with manual doors

The automatic close feature not only ensures privacy but also means less work for your staff as they do not have to physically close the doors behind them.

Call Doorway Services to Install Swinging Doors

As professional commercial door installers in the UK, you can rest assured that installing swinging doors in your eatery will offer a good return on investment. At Doorway Services, we offer bespoke doors that are both budget-friendly and aesthetic. 

We can customise restaurant doors as per your requirement and specification to ensure that it’s the right fit for your premises. We also offer business door repair and maintenance to ensure peak door performance. 

Give us a call today to get your swinging door installed in your restaurant!

Queue management systems, people waiting with their shopping carts in a queue

The Importance of Using Queue Management Systems

Being British, we do love a queue, but let’s be honest, they are annoying. However, when effectively managed, they present an opportunity to keep customers in line (pun intended) as you build a positive business image. 

The question of how to best manage queues is not something new. Businesses today understand that well-designed queue management systems can significantly impact the way any service-based organisation caters to its clientele. 

This is even more relevant today with the ongoing pandemic. It’s important for businesses to make the most of technology and install measures that enable social distancing

Smart queue management systems along with robust traffic flow solutions can help businesses stay on top of issues that arise through queuing. 

Let’s take a look at just how important queuing management systems are!

Control Customer Queues

Nobody likes waiting but queues are unavoidable. With queue management systems, you can manage foot traffic effectively in your store while ensuring that customers wait comfortably without getting too ruffled. 

When customers get an estimate of how long they are likely to wait, it gives them peace of mind knowing that their spot won’t be taken by somebody else. When your customers are happy with the service you provide, they will come back for repeat purchases. On the other hand, you can benefit from the word of mouth marketing they’ll do on your behalf.

When your customers are happy and relaxed, it will lead to increased revenues and profitability. 

Staff Satisfaction

Your store staff will be at ease as customers won’t be overwhelming them by crowding their counters. This means your staff will be able to cater to your customers in a relaxed and controlled environment. Happy employees are more productive which inevitably leads to the customer having a positive experience in your store. 

Enhance the Quality of the Service You Provide

Now that you have staff that is happy and relaxed, you can expect them to provide a great service to your customers. The queue management systems integrated into your automatic business doors will assist you in keeping track of the footfall you receive along with staff performance metrics. If any issues arise at the service level, these are brought to your attention immediately. 

This way you can solve issues in real-time as your store managers keep tabs on live statistics. If need be, they can assign more manpower to attend to something that can help reduce wait times significantly. 

Streamline Store Expenses

With automatic doors (sliding and swinging) and an intelligent customer management system at your disposal, you will be able to keep track of the customer flow in real-time. These systems are capable of predicting customer queues based on historic data records. These records enable managers to make plans in advance and make the most of the available resources. 

For instance, if system statistics show that customer queues start building up only after 11 am, then the staff from the counter can be assigned to some other tasks till its time for them to go back to their counters.

Customer Feedback

Customer is king you’d definitely want to know their thoughts about their store experience. Queue management systems come with customer feedback devices attached so that customer feedback can be received immediately. The findings from this data can be used to further improve your services and products. 

Internet and Mobile Queuing

To get the most out of products and services you offer, customers today are making the most of the internet through their smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Queue management systems make it easier for customers to get in line!

Using queuing apps on their phone, customers can now get in the queue even before they leave their homes. They can secure an appointment for various services over the internet. This means they do not have to wait long for their turn which in turn adds to their quotient of customer satisfaction. 

Call Doorway Services for Smart Business Door Installation and Repair

To maximise the benefits of your queue management systems, its important to install sleek automatic doors that can assist you in regulating and managing the foot traffic in your store.

The professional door installers at Doorway Services are just the people for the job. We ensure that you get the most out of your entrance and exits while keeping your customers safe. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about door repairs and installation!

image of students sitting in a classroom representing how schools can create a safer environment for their students

How to Create a Safer School Environment for Students

While returning to school is crucial for children’s academic development, it’s equally important for the staff in education settings to make sure the health and safety of their students is the top priority.

That said, staff members of the faculty will have to ensure that all the vital government-issued guidelines and other precautionary measures are in place to create a safer learning environment. That way, school leaders not only minimise the risk of transmission but also make sure all students receive a high-quality education.

Schools will have to be prepared for the possibility of a local lockdown while having a plan in place to not disrupt the learning process.

With that in mind, at Doorway Services, we’ve compiled a list of our top 8 tips to help you create a safer school environment.

Closely Follow the Government-Issued Guidelines

As schools are expected to welcome all students back this autumn, the government, with advice from Public Health England (PHE), has prepared a set of guidelines that every educational institution has to follow in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

By following these principles and maximising strict adherence to control measures, education leaders can keep their students safe while effectively minimising various health risks.

Place Physical Distancing Stickers on the Floor

In a busy school, implementing social/physical distancing can be a tad difficult but faculty members need to take advantage of the available resources and create a safer environment for both students and staff.

One of the best ways to ensure that your students are adhering to the 2-metre rule would be to place foot stickers on the floor.

You could also post signages in corridors and other communal areas to effectively communicate the social distancing measures and make sure everyone is following it properly to create a safer school environment.

Avoid Conducting Assemblies

Although it might be tempting to gather all the students and staff in one place, in the current situation, conducting assemblies is a big no!

Rather than crowding everyone in one spot, you could pass on crucial information through regular announcements or on virtual school groups. 

This will not only help you avoid the need for assemblies but also ensure the necessary messages are being delivered at the right time and to the right people.

Space Out the Opening Time

Staggering the opening time is another effective way to create a safer school environment for your students. By doing so, you can avoid a huge influx of children entering the school at the same time.

You could try spacing out the opening time as per the year group. This will ensure that social distancing is being maintained between your students, as advised by the official authorities.

Stock Up on Hand Sanitisers

As a school leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness are being maintained throughout the premises, and that every student and teacher is adhering to it.

That said, make sure you have enough soap, hand sanitisers, and other safety and cleanliness essentials in place. You should also hang handwashing posters wherever possible.

Install Automatic Doors

We all know the guidelines around the transmission of germs through surfaces, and we all know manual doors require your staff and students to use their hands to open them, and the one thing that you need to avoid during this time is physical contact with surfaces that are likely to transmit the virus.

To eliminate pushing open a door with bare hands, why not install commercial automatic doors in your school?

This will not only create a safer environment but also curb the risk of virus transmission in your institution.

To find out more about automatic door installation and other repair services, contact a professional door supplier like Doorway Services today!

Provide Your Staff With Special Training & Protective Gear

Since there’s still a lot we don’t know about the virus, it’s better to offer special training to all your staff and ensure that the entire school is being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Additionally, you also need to offer them protective gear like masks, gloves, and safety visors.

However, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) might be required only in specific situations.

To Sum Up

Reopening the school might seem overwhelming, and whilst there’s no possible way to ensure a risk-free environment, it’s best to adhere to the guidelines set by the government.

Contact Doorway Services for Commercial Door Installation

To create a safer school environment for your students, installing an automatic door is extremely important.

If you’re looking for a professional door installation company, then get in touch with our team today!

a beautiful & architectural hotel lobby representing how you can boost your hotel's operational efficiency

Our Top Tips to Boost Your Hotel’s Operational Efficiency

The hospitality industry is highly competitive and fast-paced, meaning peak efficiency is of prime importance. Given the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever for hotels to create a safer environment for their guests. Patrons have higher expectations which means you have to come up with ways to boost your hotel’s operational efficiency. 

However, given the tasks that are to be managed, it can be difficult for a hotelier to juggle everything while ensuring completion of daily admin tasks as they strive to keep their guests happy. 

At Doorway Services, we have compiled a list of our top tips that will help enhance your operational capabilities while ensuring that everything runs smoothly!

Let’s take a look!

1. Daily Task Automation for Improved Team Focus

Being accountable is a crucial element of performance enhancement. Your teams may be aware of their responsibilities and what’s expected of them but it will help if you distribute these duties and assign ownership. This way, you know everyone will focus on specific tasks during the day. 

When looking for ways to boost your hotel’s operational efficiency, using tech and hotel audit software will help. With this automation, you can ensure that your guests are the centre of your attention as your duties revolve around ensuring their satisfaction. 

Plan and assign recurring tasks like property maintenance, housekeeping and food safety checks as often as required. The responsible team can be alerted automatically via emails or text messages when a certain check is due or has been missed. 

With automation, you ensure that teams are focused on meeting standards as they strive to maintain operational efficiency at all times. 

2. Invest in Your Staff

Employees are perhaps the most valuable asset of your business and this cannot be truer for the hospitality industry. If a team member is not provided with adequate training or is unhappy, they are more likely to make mistakes. This, in turn, can disrupt your daily operations and slow you down. It can potentially lead to a guest being disgruntled which of course, won’t be good for business. The bottom line – you have to avoid operational issues and unhappy guests at all costs. 

The simple solution for this is to ensure that you invest in key business areas as you train your staff properly and sufficiently so they are aware of their responsibilities. Ensure that each department understands its objectives and has the required resources and capabilities to achieve all their goals. 

A strategic operational plan outlines the expected standards for each department while highlighting performance requirements, duties and responsibilities for the staff along with work schedules. When you look for ways to boost your hotel’s operational efficiency, this can be extremely beneficial for your business. 

3. Create an Effective Management Process

Identifying problems and getting them fixed before they affect your guest in any way is a top management concern. But, when there’s a gap between checks being performed and managers assessing the end result, issues seem to linger. When problems are not addressed, they are likely to take a backseat and eventually be forgotten. This is bound to happen especially when your hotel doesn’t have a centralised management process that can keep track of issues. 

For instance, if there are problems with the automatic doors installed in your hotel, these have to be repaired quickly without any delays. Similarly, you will benefit from using hotel audit software that can help you solve other issues in real-time. You can keep an eye on the status of the action plan used to address the various problems that arise. With the help of automated software programs, you can communicate via a portal and assign tasks to staff, set due dates, conduct discussions and resolve issues proactively. 

The primary benefit here is that management is centralised which means all concerns and aspects of hotel management are highly focused. This means managers have a clear understanding of all the priorities and tasks at hand. 

Boost Your Hotel’s Operational Efficiency with Doorway Services

As entrances and exits are as important as ever, the automatic door installers at Doorway Services can assist you in installing bespoke business doors! With our impressive track record, we help deliver results that exceed your expectations and improve your overall performance and operational efficiency. 

Get in touch with us today for automatic door installation and repair!

image of a well organised chart representing better production management

6 Tips To Make Production Management Better

Streamlining your production management is one of the best ways to improve your daily business operations as you look for ways to boost your profits. When you create a well-structured production management plan, you will not only save time but also enhance productivity and improve the management of raw materials, equipment and other resources as you work in sync towards a single goal.

Every successful business function needs a sound plan of action and production management is no different. As a business owner, you need to curate a roadmap that is in perfect alignment with your bespoke requirements.

At Doorway Services, we have put together a list of our top 6 tips to make production management better!

Let’s dive in!

1. Pay Attention to Details both Big and Small

Start by taking into account the various benefits of introducing changes to your business. Think about how working on a master production plan will help better your business operations.

For instance, if you reduce labour costs by optimising wasted time, you will significantly improve your workflow. Improved work processes will enable you to lessen the need for backup stocks and work-in-progress inventories. 

When your delivery times are on point you will quickly see the positive impact on your bottom line as fewer hours are spent dealing with errors and problems in the process.

2. Use Lean Manufacturing Process

While many business owners think that lean manufacturing is a complex process, on the contrary, it actually helps streamline the manufacturing process by focusing attention to the small details. 

Switching to a lean manufacturing process can help your business save money by using techniques like the value stream maps and just-in-time inventory management.

With lean production planning, you can brainstorm with a group of employees to come up with ways to reduce waste. The idea is to eliminate any process that costs money but doesn’t add any value to the finished product.

3. Just-In-Time Inventory Management

This type of inventory management helps deal with the strain and the resulting costs of running out of stock or holding too much stock for your customers. 

When cost-cutting is concerned, holding too much stock can be detrimental for your working capital and your turnover. Similarly, not having enough products stocked up can have the same negative impact. This means you have to strike the right balance between over and understocking.

With just-in-time inventory, you can get the best of both worlds as you order stock at a time that is close enough to the date when these materials will be in demand but not so close that your cash flow gets tied up to the stock. This is a win-win for your production facility as you streamline your finances and assets to work for you.

4. Observe the 30-Day Rule

Holding 30 days’ worth of inventory means that at any given time, you fill up on stock periodically to maintain only a month’s worth of stock and no more. 

Depending on your sales pattern projection, the amount of stock required can be gauged and anticipated. If you unexpectedly receive a big order from a buyer, this tactic might not be ideal as you won’t be able to fulfil the order in the available time. So, think about it proactively and give yourself some leeway to work around any issue that may arise.

It might do you well to hold emergency stock, but you have to decide exactly how much stocking up you need to do without tying up your working capital and revenue.  

5. Invest in Technology

Technology is critical to business success in 2020 so ensure that you make the most of it to make your production management better. Use digital software systems to be cost-effective with your business. Invest in automation not only within your workflow processes but also in your physical warehouse space and production floor.

For proper accounting and inventory management, it is worth investing in good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Installing automatic industrial doors with add-on door accessories like the biometric system will help improve staff management in your facility.

For better results and effective financial management, it is best to review your existing processes and systems. This will highlight inefficiencies in your work processes which in turn will help make production management more effective.

6. Eliminate Miscounts

Miscounts usually happen when you receive fresh orders as you stock up your inventory. In these cases, there’s a possibility of manual systems not being 100%accurate. Therefore, to reduce the risk of mistakes and miscounts, upgrading to EDI (electronic data interchange) or bar code scanning systems is ideal. 

Similarly, you can sync your software systems with that of your suppliers to avoid room for any error.

Get In Touch With Doorway Services

Enhance your production management by implementing the tips mentioned above because often a new perspective can help you turn things around for good. It is best to seek external help if you are unsure of the changes you should implement.

Business doors play an important role in any production facility so contact professional door fitters at Doorway Services for door installations and repairs.

Our door repair company is well known for providing professional and bespoke automatic door installations in the Northamptonshire county and surrounding areas.

So, give us a call today to check efficient door installation off your list!

Image of a clean, organised hotel room representing the importance of creating a safer environment for your guests.

How Hotels Can Create a Safer Environment for Their Guests

As we enter the post-lockdown phase, for every workplace the health and safety of their employees and guests need to be of the topmost priority.

Likewise, for hotels and the hospitality industry, it’s vital to have all the precautionary measures in place in order to create a safe environment for everyone, while dealing with the after-effects of the pandemic.

Moreover, you need to ensure that all the latest government-issued health advisories are covered in your operating procedures. That way, you will be able to successfully mitigate the potential health risks to both your employees and guests.

With that in mind, here at Doorway Services, we have put together our top 4 tips to help you prepare for the post-COVID-19 world.

Leveraging the Latest Automated Technologies

We are living in an age where technology has become the norm. That said, we can’t even imagine what the world would be like if we neither had Internet access nor any digital devices/platforms.

However, here we are – surrounded by a plethora of automated technologies, making life easier not just for our customers but also for hoteliers.

With that being the case, now is the time for hotels to make the most of these devices and applications and leverage them as a preventive measure to safeguard the health and safety of both guests and staff.

Here’s how you can make the best use of all the latest technologies:

  • Introduce Online Check-In and Check-Out

Quick, online check-in and check-out options will mean your guests no longer have to queue up at the reception desk. This will also help you ensure that there’s no physical contact between guests and your staff.

What’s more, you can automate this process by asking your customers to submit the necessary identification documents through the application. This means, when they reach the hotel, all they need to do is scan their unique QR code to unlock their room instead of collecting the keys from the reception.

This is a great way to maintain social distance and prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Implement Zero-Contact Payment via Digital Platforms

Zero-contact or cashless payment through digital platforms is the easiest and fastest way to pay your dues and currently, the majority of people are using this approach.

Additionally, coins and paper bills are considered one of the potential sources of virus transmission. Therefore, it’s best to shift to digital platforms for every possible transaction. You can also make this a part of your hotel policy for all your staff and guests.

  • Install Automatic Doors in the Hotel Premises

A manual door would require your guests and staff to use their hands to push it open. In order to eliminate any kind of physical contact, why not install automatic doors in your hotel premises?

The installation of automatic doors will not only keep your guests from coming in contact with contaminated surfaces but also curb the further spread of the virus.

For professional installation services, you can contact an automatic door supplier like Doorway Services.

Offering Special Training to Employees

Very little is known about this virus, but one proven fact is that it can remain active for nearly 9 days on different surfaces. For this very reason, it’s important to train your staff to regularly clean and disinfect your hotel room and premises.

On top of that, your guests will be reassured that your hotel follows all the health and safety guidelines issued by the government.

Optimising the Available Space for Social Distancing

It’s highly likely that social distancing will continue to be in place until a robust preventive measure or vaccine is developed. This means you will have to keep analysing your operational workflow along with the movement of your employees and guests.

By making a full analysis, you can optimise your hotel’s space and keep tabs on the occupancy levels to create a safer environment for both your staff and guests.

Evaluate the Current Business Model

In the end, it’s equally important to make the most of this time to evaluate your current business model and other operational procedures.

Of course, the ongoing situation has transformed the hospitality industry, but now is the time to create a thorough plan and prepare your business to function smoothly in the post-pandemic era.

Get In Touch With Doorway Services for Automatic Door Installation Services

To create a safer environment in your hotel and ensure the safety of your guests and staff, leveraging the latest automated technology like automatic doors is extremely crucial.

If you are looking for an automatic door company, then get in touch with the installers and suppliers at Doorway Services today!

work desk with a small potted plant, desktop and yellow mug as office reopen

3 Tips To Prepare Your Workplace As Offices Reopen

As the world begins to lift lockdown restrictions, the major concern for businesses is to ensure that they reopen workplaces with all the safety precautions in place. As offices reopen, you are required to follow government issued guidelines to ensure the safety of all your employees. 

With health and safety at the core of reopening workplaces, you will need a thorough plan for the transition period that lies ahead of you as you deal with the effects of COVID-19

Depending on the type and size of your business, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can adopt. You have to do your best to take in stride the latest government health advisories and proceed with caution.

With these essentials in mind, from an operational stance, here are 3 tips that will help you ensure that your employees ease back into the work environment successfully as offices reopen. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Plan an Effective Return-to-Office Strategy

Bringing all your employees back to the workplace all at once might not be the best decision as social distancing measures are still very much in effect. So, as you navigate and come to terms with the new normal, the best you can do is to limit the return of your workforce in phases. Have some teams come back to work a few days before or after the others and alternate the number of people who stay in the workplace at a given time. 

To implement this in a much better way, maintain work from home arrangements, where possible, across teams and have them come to work on an alternate basis. This way, you can still maintain social distancing while doing your best to prioritise the health and safety of your staff. Have arrangements made for teams who work remotely as well the teams who will work directly out of office. 

Leverage the best of what technology has to offer to create a safe working space. Sanitise your facility regularly and maintain a clean and hygienic environment at all times. Before sending back your employees, considering replacing manual doors with automatic options. Contact automatic door suppliers and have automatic doors installed to curb the spread of the virus.

Automatic doors will keep employees from touching communal surfaces while entering and exiting the office premises as they come back to work. Click here to find out more!

2. Maintain an Open Line of Communication

As you prepare to welcome your staff back to work, you have to maintain an open and continuous line of communication. In a shared workspace, when, where and how employees work is expected to change in order to safeguard their health and safety. 

You can enforce new rules as you limit the number of people entering meeting rooms and communal areas. Ensure there’s a safe distance of at least a metre between workstations of your staff to promote social distancing. Conduct routine desk and floor cleaning to further sanitise the workplace. Ensure that all your employees are following proper hygiene procedures as they use the facility so as to not jeopardise their own or their colleague’s health. 

As you welcome your employees back to work, ensure that these new rules are duly communicated and reinforced regularly. As offices reopen, ensure that your staff understand all the safety procedures clearly as safety is of utmost priority

Send regular updates via email or the company’s intranet or social channels to effectively communicate and update employees about the most recent developments. 

3. Update Company Policies Around Illness

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, all organisations should be aware that workplace safety and health guidelines need to be updated and refined over time. It is crucial for businesses to stay abreast of developments regarding Coronavirus as they continue to communicate with their staff and encourage new, safer ways of working. 

This way, you can develop a work environment that’s safe and healthy for everyone. Emphasise the importance of staying home if any of your employees feel unwell to avoid the spread of seasonal illnesses around the workplace. 

Businesses need to show a high level of adaptability as offices reopen and employees come back to physical workspaces. As people shift from one new normal to another, it will pay off to be tactical and methodical as you establish a comfortable and health and safety-conscious work environment. 

Contact Doorway Services for Automatic Door Installations

To ensure the safety and security of your employees, investing in robust technologies like automatic doors is important to promote social distancing. 

At Doorway Services, we are at the forefront of the automatic door industry with state of the art business door technologies that are in compliance with the safety measures that are the need of the hour.

Give us a call today to create a safe space for your employees as they come back to work!