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5 Advanced Ways To Upgrade Your Commercial Doors

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to find and provide the best facilities for your employees, especially with the growing demand for secure and efficient workspaces.

Occupants of commercial buildings require a safe and easily accessible working space, alongside quick and efficient facilities. 

When it comes to doors, the most important thing to keep in mind is to offer easy, hassle-free entry and exit, as your employees, clients, and other stakeholders may be in a rush when they go about their day. 

While there are quite a few options available, at Doorway Services we can help you with some of the more advanced commercial door upgrades that you should consider. 

5 Advanced Commercial Door Upgrades

1. Upgrading Privacy

When it comes to upgrading your commercial doors, privacy is the number one concern. Over the years, door security has progressed to a level that traditional doors simply cannot accommodate. 

With the development of gender-neutral washrooms, prayer rooms, and nursing rooms, it is crucial that the doors used in these buildings offer privacy and are secure. 

For instances such as these, the best choice are doors that have a visible lock. This means that the status of the lock is displayed by colours, so people can take one glance at the door and find out whether it is locked or unlocked. If it is locked, the door usually displays red, and if it is locked, it displays the colour green. 

Depending on your organisational requirements, you can choose to add specifications and functionalities that are best suited to your workplace. 

2. Hands-free Technology

Everyone has now acquired the habit of sanitising their hands frequently and making sure that they avoid touching things they don’t need to. This is where hands-free technology comes in. 

Hands free technology has replaced doors with handles and knobs, gaining quite a bit of popularity all over the world. Doors can now also operate with minimum, or zero, touch requirements and provide an optimal anti-microbial coating, which helps prevent the spread of disease.

When it comes to hands-free business doors, at Doorway we have a range of excellent automatic sliding and swing doors, with top of the line sensor technology that offers great performance.

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3. Access Control Systems

Access control systems only give access to a few select people. They are made to protect your business premises against unauthorised entry and exit and are useful for personnel who deal with sensitive company information and data. 

Card access systems require authorised individuals to swipe a card against the sensor to be let in, anyone without a card cannot enter the area. Similarly, a keypad entry requires you to enter a code or a string of specific numbers that act as a password. A biometric access system uses fingerprints or facial recognition to grant access. 

Depending on which functionality suits your business the best, you can install it to up your business security game. Be sure to consult the door installation experts in Northampton for a better understanding and helpful insights into these functions. 

4. Protection from Impact

In certain areas, like factories or hospitals, doors are often crashed into. Hospitals often bump stretchers against doors and similarly, factories dealing with heavy-duty machines and other bulky equipment may accidentally hit doors, leading to repairs and replacements

Doors that are made to protect against impacts are sturdy enough to hold against any force. If your doors are not strong enough to sustain an impact, then its security could be compromised. 

At Doorway Services, our range of steel doors embody robustness and durability. Take a look at our range of internal and external manual doors as well and protect your business premises not only from physical impact but also from the test of time and weather elements. 

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5.  Patented Locks

Many organisations only allow specific members to have access to keys, so as to keep sensitive information secure. However, keys can be duplicated easily and can be misused if they fall into the wrong hands, leading to exploitation of company data. 

It is for this reason that you should consider patenting your lock systems. What this means is that the lock company or locksmith enters into an agreement with you about the controlling rights of the keys. With this agreement, it would then become illegal for anyone else to duplicate the keys. 

At Doorway Services, you will find doors with the most secure lock systems, guaranteeing privacy and safety. Contact us today to learn how you can maximise your door security. 

Contact Doorway Services for a Commercial Door Upgrade

If you are thinking about upgrading your commercial door, it does not have to cost you a lot of money or take up a lot of your time. Change what is necessary for your door and choose products that will upgrade your business’ security and privacy. 

No matter what your door problem is, at Doorway Services, we can help you to fix it. We can assist you in upgrading your door with minor, as well as advanced, commercial door upgrades, all customised to fit your needs and requirements.

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