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5 Common Door Repairs For Your Commercial Doors

When it comes to commercial buildings, the commercial door you have is the most important factor. Your entry door is crucial to keeping your office safe and sound and protecting it from burglars, extreme weather, etc. 

There are many different types of commercial doors to consider. A lot of them come with standard locks in the form of latches and bolts. Some doors come with upgraded security features, like fingerprint locks or card-swiping features. 

Besides door locks, commercial doors also come in a variety of different makes and models. For example, you can choose to install steel doors, wooden doors or aluminium doors. Every door has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, commercial doors are expensive and can be difficult to replace. This is why they should be regularly maintained and serviced. It is also important to know about common door repairs as you may need to fix them from time to time.

To help you out, the experts and Doorway Services have put together a guide. Let’s take a look!

5 Types of Common Door Repairs for Commercial Doors

1. Issues with Alignment

Commercial doors are usually used on a regular basis due to the heavy traffic in commercial buildings. You may often notice that your commercial door is loose on its hinges, which eventually causes problems when you try to open or close the door. Moreover, it can also affect the locking mechanism of your door.

Problems with alignment are especially evident in heavier doors that are used in warehouses or factories. However, this is a common door repair problem that can be fixed quite easily by commercial door servicing professionals. With a slight adjustment of a few screws, your door will be as good as new.

2. Issues with Swelling

One of the most common door repairs to be aware of is door swelling. Door swelling can become a big problem for wooden doors during humid weather. High humidity causes wood to absorb moisture and swell. If your commercial door is left untreated, it can get stuck, cause considerable damage to the door frame and become really difficult to operate.

Some common door fixes for this problem include sanding or planing the open edge of the door. This will allow the door to open and close more easily. Additionally, a door servicing expert might replace some of the door hardware, like your handles or locks. You could also try to treat and paint over your door to prevent it from swelling in the future.

3. Issues with Rusty Hinges

If you want your commercial door to open and close smoothly, you definitely need well-kept door hinges. Door hinges are crucial to the basic functioning of your door, however, they can become stiff and noisy due to dirt build-up or weathering. If your hinges are not kept clean or treated with a lubricant from time to time, you might have to face replacement expenses.

Rusty hinges can be deadly to your door if they are not fixed on time. If you do not regularly service your door for rusty hinges, you may have to completely replace your commercial door. To prevent this problem, you need to regularly oil your door hinges every now and then. Oiling your door hinges will prevent rust formation and can ensure that you don’t need replacements.

4. Issues with Hardware Failure

When it comes to door repairs and replacements, you have to consider the possibility of your door hardware failing. Your door handles and locks are common hardware parts that are used the most. Over time, these parts are likely to wear out due to increased usage and then need repairs or replacements. 

A commercial door servicing professional is likely to suggest that you remove old hardware parts and replace them with new ones. Any hardware that has failed or is faulty needs to be replaced. It is generally recommended to avoid repairing old hardware parts as they are more likely to fail again in the future. 

5. Issues with Faulty Weather Stripping

Some common door repairs for commercial doors also include faulty weather stripping. A lot of commercial doors have some form of weather stripping that is installed around the inner frame. This is done especially for draft exclusion. However, if this stripping starts to come off, it can leave gaps, which can cause damage to your door due to cold or wet weather. 

Moreover, these gaps will also cause a loss of heat in your office space. There are some simple, common door fixes for this issue that you can try doing yourself. For example, you can simply purchase some rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping and attach them to the door.

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No matter what type of door you use, commercial doors are more prone to repairs and replacements due to the amount of traffic in offices. This is why you need to regularly service your commercial door.

With years of experience in commercial door installation, repair and maintenance, Doorway Services can take care of all your commercial door requirements.

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