how to install sliding doors: a man using a power drill during sliding door installation

How to Install Sliding Doors In 5 Simple Steps

Sliding doors have gained significant popularity due to their space-saving design, modern aesthetics and energy-efficient features. 

Sliding doors are doors that open and close by sliding sideways, rather than swinging on hinges. They typically consist of large rectangular glass panels within frames, offering a sleek, modern and aesthetic look. Mainly found in commercial buildings and large establishments, these doors offer easy access to the outdoors while maximising interior space utilisation. 

Since sliding doors offer unparalleled convenience and ease of access, people prefer a DIY approach. However, sliding door installation can be complex and lead to issues such as poor sealing or misalignment. Our guide here will explain how to install sliding doors with a step-by-step process. 

Let’s begin!

1. Gathering Your Tools and Materials

Before you start your sliding door installation, make sure your tools and materials are in place. Prepare a checklist on how to install sliding doors to avoid last-minute hassles. 

Next, gather your essential tools, including screwdrivers for easy installation, a spirit level to adjust the alignment of the door and a power drill to secure the hardware installed. If necessary, have a saw or cutting tools for precise cuts in the frame or door panels. 

Depending on your design preferences, prepare a sliding door kit which includes essentials like tracks, rollers and handles. For better levelling of the door, use equipment like screws and nails along with ample insulation for energy efficiency. 

Additionally, make sure you have safety gear like glasses, hand gloves, hearing protection and other essentials to ensure a smooth and safe sliding door installation. 

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2. Measuring and Marking Your Space

Accurate measurements are pivotal for a successful installation. To evaluate and mark your space, start by using a measuring tape to precisely determine the width and height of your door frame. 

When measuring the door frame, ensure you have enough space for the sliding door to function smoothly and take multiple measurements to account for any variations later on. Make note of any obstructions such as pipes, wires, light switches or buttons that might need to be relocated or adjusted for better installation. 

In the next step, use a pencil to identify and mark the points where the door frame or track will be mounted. Once you have your measurements, cross-check once again before you begin installing the sliding doors. 

However, if you get uncertain about markings and measurements, consider seeking expert advice and guidance. Here’s how they can help! 

3. Installing the Sliding Door Frame

For a successful sliding door installation, make sure the space is clean and completely free of dirt and debris. Once this is done, place the bottom track in the marked position, ensuring it’s level and securely attached to the floor. Use tools like shims to check the accuracy of the door frame’s alignment. 

After that, install the top track at level and parallel to the bottom track. Once done, check the sturdiness of the tracks to ensure they allow smooth gliding of the doors. Lastly, after thoroughly checking the tracks, frame fit and alignment, firmly secure the door to the wall and floor. 

It’s crucial to ensure that the measurements you take here are accurate as the entire functionality and operation of your sliding doors depend on it. For more input and professional advice, contact our door installation experts.  

4. Mounting the Sliding Door Panels

When installing sliding doors, mounting the panels is a significant task, and can often be a huge hassle for the installers. However, by strictly adhering to the procedure outlined below, you can effectively mount the panels in no time –

  • Start by installing rollers that snugly fit within the top track on each door panel
  • Now insert bottom guides to help keep the sliding door panels aligned with the bottom track 
  • Carefully lift the door panels and then insert them into the top tracks to test the door’s functioning as they move smoothly along the tracks 
  • Adjust the height of the rollers to match the door’s movement
  • Next, install anti-jump clips near the top of the door frame to prevent the door panels from jumping off the tracks
  • Once done, check whether the door glides effortlessly within the frame 

If you notice even a minor misalignment within the door, seek professional help from experienced sliding door specialists

4. Final Touches and Maintenance 

After you complete the sliding door installation, it’s time to focus on the final touches and ongoing maintenance. 

Apply weatherstripping around the door frame to enhance energy efficiency and protect the door against uncertain weather conditions. Following that, attach handles and lock systems to the door to ensure they not only operate smoothly but also securely. 

Periodically inspect the door for any repairs and regularly lubricate the door’s components especially the rollers and tracks to ensure smooth operation. Do not miss out on installing safety decals or markers to make the glass doors easily visible, preventing collisions or accidents. 

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Now that you know how to install sliding doors, you can follow these steps and effectively install your sliding doors. While DIY projects are fun to take on and accomplish, sliding door installation is complex and layered. For best results especially in a time-sensitive setting, seeking professional assistance from door experts like Doorway Services is ideal and recommended! 

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