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Here’s Why Commercial Doors Should Only Be Installed By A Professional

Whether your business requires a commercial sliding glass door or a safety fire door, finding the right door installation company is crucial to you getting the best doors for your business.

Serving as the primary point of entry for your premises, a commercial door needs to be robust and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. With this, it should also add to the security of your premises. However, if a door installation company isn’t experienced enough, there’s a chance that they might compromise you on either of the above-mentioned points.

This means that every business or commercial owner should only opt for a professional commercial door installation, to ensure they receive reliable doors that will add value to their space.

The experts at Doorway Services have put together a list of reasons why commercial doors should only be installed by a professional.

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1. Ensures Compliance To Building Codes And Safety Regulations

From pedestrian entrance doors to fire doors of a specific rating, there are certain building codes and safety regulations that every owner needs to comply with.

Whether it is ensuring adherence to safety standards or having extra features that enhance the security of the premises, each door needs to match a specific set of requirements. Companies that offer professional commercial door installation know these regulations and the standards that they need to comply with. Therefore, they offer products and services that match these standards.

At Doorway Services, all our work is carried out in full compliance with EN16005 and DDA standards and is competitively priced. With our expertise in the field of commercial door installation, we make sure to do everything by the book and provide you with a stress-free door installation service.

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2. Get The Right Type Of Door For Your Premises

Since there’s a wide variety of commercial doors available, ranging from automatic glass doors, to manual doors, every business needs to find the right type of door for their own office, workplace, or commercial area.

Instead of doing a quick search for ‘commercial doors near me’, you need to put in more effort to find door installers who understand your requirements and budget, so they can deliver an appropriate solution.

Opting for a professional door installation means that you’ll be advised and provided with essential information about various things, like which door material is the best and any upgrades that should be made to enhance your security.

Keep accessibility, security, and functionality in mind when you’re on the lookout for the right type of door, this will ensure you find the best fit for your business.

3. Proper Installation Of All Components

Many of us have come across ill-fitted doors that provide resistance when moved and often lead to compromised structural door integrity. This serves as one of the biggest signs of an improper door installation.

Additionally, alongside this, weather damage and break-ins are other risks that your premises become vulnerable to. This means that an improper installation can potentially cost you more than a professional door installation would.

Since a professional has the required knowledge about the correct installation method, along with repair and maintenance tips, using a professional for your installation means that you’ll benefit in several ways.

A few vital components in the installation process that need to be focused on are the opening mechanism, safety features, lockset, trim, and threshold. With these components taken care of properly, you’re assured of good door performance.

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Now that you know why a professional commercial door installation service is so important, if you’re looking for robust doors, Doorway Services is the perfect place for you!

We have a wide range of commercial doors suitable for all kinds of needs. Our professionals have the right expertise to provide you with correct door installation and repair services, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

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