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5 Ways To Make Your Office Look More Spacious

A spacious office can be an effective way to increase the overall efficiency of your workplace. Lowering stress levels, promoting cleanliness and organisation, and keeping a positive atmosphere – all can be achieved through the creation of a spacious office.

Since many businesses, including start-ups, may not necessarily have a big office to carry out their day-to-day operations, optimising the available space to increase productivity will prove to be advantageous for your organisation.

At Doorway Services, we understand the importance of optimising the available space on your premises. We’ve put together a list of ways through which you can make your office look more spacious.

Let’s take a look!

1. Plan Your Layout Strategically

While designing a layout, an important aspect to keep in mind is to make your office look spacious. Designing your office while keeping spacing a priority, will allow you to create a well-structured layout.

Wider aisles, spaced out desks and using minimal furniture are a few ways you could strategically add to the space in your workplace. Additionally, using an open-space office layout can allow employees to move freely while also giving it a more spacious look.

What’s more, incorporating lighting in a way that highlights open spaces while also creating an illusion of a bigger space will work in your favour.

2. Install Automatic Sliding Doors

Installing automatic sliding doors in your office is a great choice as these doors are not only functional and efficient but they also help you save on space, as you don’t need to account for the space of an opening door.

Automatic sliding doors are easy to install as they can be fitted into existing buildings. A huge advantage that these doors have are that they’re highly functional thanks to their motion sensors, and allow free movement of traffic.

Moreover, when compared to traditional bulky office doors, installing these automatic sliding doors frees up space whilst also creating a more modern impression due to their sleek design.

To find out more about automatic sliding doors, contact us here.

3. Use Minimalistic Furniture

Minimalistic designs and furniture are a huge trend and leveraging this can help you make your office look spacious. Incorporating simple furniture designs instead of heavy bulky alternatives can help you create a minimalist yet open and expansive workplace.

Bare essential furniture sporting clean lines and neutral colour palettes are at the core of every minimalist design. A simple raised table or wall mounted desk can emphasise the free floor space on your premises. Closed desk bureaus and open shelves mounted on walls can be used for supplies.

Moreover, since there are various minimalist furniture ideas that you can get creative with, you can leverage this to create a unique and spacious workplace.

4. Organise and Declutter

While you may already have a spacious office, you can create a more open look simply by maintaining a clean and organised workspace. This means organising and decluttering needs to be done whenever possible to ensure an efficient work environment.

Furthermore, keeping your office walls clean and free of any unnecessary distractions can enhance the expansive look of your office. Additionally, clearing any clutter that has piled up on or under your desk or other office areas can help free up space while also giving it a neat and tidy look.

What’s more, you can also do your part for the environment by donating or recycling anything you don’t require. Through organising and decluttering, you can efficiently increase your productivity.

5. Light Coloured Tones

Using a colour palette of lighter tones can create an illusion of a bigger space. Choosing lighter colours or maybe even white can brighten up the premise while also giving your workspace a welcoming look.

Light colours reflect light more readily which is why lighter rooms often appear more spacious. When paired with minimalist furniture, you can create a sleek and stylish look for your office.

Additionally, embracing the natural light that filters in through your windows can also be advantageous in creating a spacious office. So, make sure your office windows are free of any obstructions to allow the natural light to enter freely.

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By making your office more spacious, you can rest assured that workplace efficiency and productivity are kept high. It will help create a stress-free environment for you and your employees.

Furthermore, by installing automatic sliding doors, you can improve the look of your business while also saving up on space.

At Doorway Services, our expertise on business door installation, repair, and maintenance allows us to provide you with the best commercial doors, including automatic doors, for your business.

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