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Here’s How You Can Be On Top of Your Warehouse Security

Running a warehouse is not an easy job as it has more to it than just logistics. Apart from the distribution and storage of stock, several other things like handling and security need to be taken care of.  Fire is a major threat in a warehouse, especially if the stock in store is flammable in nature. This is followed by the risk of theft from both external and internal sources. 

This is why warehouse maintenance is a multifaceted job that needs careful planning.

Below, we’ve discussed primary warehouse security aspects that you need to be aware of:

Materials Stored

The kind of stock you have stored in your warehouse can be expensive or highly inflammable. There’s news on fire breakout every other day across the country. The main reason for this is –

  • Absence of correct storage methods for materials that are flammable
  • Insufficient measures for fire prevention

Smoke detectors have to be installed along with fire sprinklers to be ready to battle fire breakouts. Another equally important thing to do is to install fire doors at all points of entry and exit of the warehouse. Fire-resistant doors will help contain the blaze within the area and not spread out. If you fail to establish these preventive measures, you’ll incur severe losses. 

Safety Measures

Install electronic surveillance equipment in your facility to keep a log of what’s going on at all times. Employing a security guard to protect the warehouse will also add to the security of your warehouse. When you have the right surveillance system installed in the correct places in your facility and a dedicated person keeps a watch 24/7 all year round, it’ll act as a strong deterrent to burglary. Additionally, notify all your employees of the security measures you’ve established and this will keep any in-house incidences from happening. 

Having a security personnel patrol the area will further add to your safety and security measures in and around the warehouse. This will be especially helpful if there are no employees on-site during the night.

Staff Training

In order for staff to carry out their duties and responsibilities efficiently, it’s important that you provide adequate training to them. This involves training employees on:

  • Correct storage methods for stock that’s flammable in nature 
  • Dealing with emergencies in a cool, collected and organised manner

If the warehouse stores combustible materials, employees should be adequately trained to handle such materials carefully. Also, necessary protective gear must be provided to further ensure their safety. Fire assessments and evacuation drills must be conducted on a quarterly basis so that everyone is well prepared.

Trustworthy Employees

Since theft is a significant concern, the employees you hire have to be reliable and trustworthy. To avoid incidences of theft, conducting regular stock checks will be helpful. If your warehouse is big, this might be a bit challenging but its not impossible. You can divide the entire facility into several sections and assign responsible individuals to carry out a thorough inspection of the inventories

Potential staff must be assessed thoroughly to ensure reliability before they are hired. Failures within the facility must be dealt with strictly and lawfully. In the process, the security of your commercial building shouldn’t be compromised at all. 

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