types of door shutters; A blue shutter door.

Door Shutters: 5 Types for Your Commercial Property

One of the most important concerns of commercial business owners is their property’s safety. Along with other necessary measures, one of the best ways to protect the space is using shutters. 

Doorway Services has yet again come with a solution; this blog has all the information relating to types of door shutters. 

With quality repairs and new installation of various kinds of doors, we have Dane shutters – best recommended for space with high-security needs because they are made with heavy-duty materials. 

That said, let’s look at other types of door shutters for you to arrive at an educated decision before purchasing. 

1. Steel Roller Shutters 

The main reason that makes a door tough enough to protect your space is its material; steel roller shutters are made from heavy-duty steel and are perfect for all kinds of commercial places. 

Adding a steel roller shutter can increase the security level tenfold, so make sure you look into this category of doors for a more secured business. 

2. Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you’re looking for roller shutters that provide security but are lightweight, aluminium roller shutters are for you! 

It is the kind of material that is perfect and flexible – minus the efforts! Other than just your doors, aluminium roller shutters are great for windows, warehouse doors, garage doors, and bar grills.   

3. Collapsible Gates 

The easiest and long-lasting solution for small commercial spaces is installing collapsible gates. If your business premises are small, coll gates solve the problem of not having enough room for an overhead shutter. 

Collapsible gates are installed on the top, guided by a floor track and pin. The best part – it can be easily manufactured according to your requirements. 

So with this option, there are endless customisation benefits; collapsible doors can be opened in any direction or can be split in the middle. 

4. Transparent Shutters 

Transparent shutters are the most creative option. They enable visibility on what’s inside whilst providing security – the same level of security as other shutters.

Transparent shutters come in durable materials and can be operated automatically. 

Additionally, if you have a business that needs the display of certain products, transparent shutters can help you fulfil the purpose. 

Lastly, the material that it’s made from can also help you protect against harmful UV rays and other weather prone problems, for you and your business products. 

5. Dane Shutters 

On a different tangent, dane shutters are different from roller shutters. Generally used by banks, building societies and shopping centres, they are extremely heavy duty. 

The above-mentioned places require maximum security, so dane shutters are the best option for them. They give you the peace of mind that your business is protected at all times. 

Doorway Services are one of the very few businesses left in the country that can repair and source genuine parts of dane shutters. We can achieve this because of our industry experts who provide custom-made dane shutters for necessary repair and maintenance. 

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