Stylish security doors for commercial buildings provide security and safety while also elevating the aesthetics of the premise

3 Stylish and Durable Security Doors For Commercial Buildings

First impressions can have a huge impact on the way people perceive your business, and when it comes to commercial buildings, doors help mould the way your establishment is understood.

Since the doors are the first element of your organisation that people come across, they help set the standard for your business. That said, while using quality materials for your building is crucial, having a robust yet aesthetically appealing door is equally important. From security to efficiency – doors are an integral part of every workplace.

Additionally, stylish security doors are a great choice for commercial buildings as not only do they provide good security for the premise, but they also sport stylish looks that are sure to elevate your workplace aesthetic.

At Doorway Services, our vast knowledge and experience in commercial door installation have made us experts in the field. We’ve put together a list of stylish security doors that keep your establishment protected while also increasing the style appeal of your premise.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Automatic Glass Doors

If factors like efficient traffic movement and management are one of your priorities, consider upgrading your commercial doors by investing in automatic glass doors. These stylish and robust doors deliver great functionality and help create a modernistic look for your commercial building. 

That said, automatic glass doors are mainly of two types – swing doors and sliding doors.

Automatic swing doors are the perfect choice for commercial buildings as not only do they offer durability and protection but they also improve efficiency. Moreover, swing doors are easy to use and serve as a great choice in keeping the premise spacious and brighter. Additionally, if need be, moving bulky things is easier as these doors open both ways and can be adjusted accordingly.

When it comes to automatic sliding doors, places that are looking to save on space can consider installing these glass doors. With state of the art sensors and excellent efficiency, these sliding doors are sure to make your office look impressive. Moreover, due to the sensors, these doors offer great security and are a worthwhile investment.

From making rooms look bigger to providing a modern appeal, glass doors are a good addition to your business. At Doorway Services, we offer robust glass doors that are sure to suit every commercial building.

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2. Steel Security Doors

Since your commercial doors are used by customers or employees on a daily basis, making sure they’re robust yet appealing are important factors for you to consider. That said, steel doors are one of the best heavy-duty doors that will work great for your commercial building.

Steel has always been a popular material for doors as it provides great security, requires next to no upkeep, and is corrosion-free. Moreover, steel doors are also fireproof and offer protection during crises.

With various customisations and finishes, you can find great steel security doors in the UK that offer protection and style.

Moreover, for better security and safety, opt for galvanised steel doors for your commercial building.

3. Robust Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is known for its efficiency, durability and sleek aesthetics, meaning it is one of the best choices for commercial doors.

Since aluminium can be easily customised to suit your needs, they serve as efficient commercial doors. Moreover, whether you install these doors in an existing door frame or it’s your first time installing one, they are easy to use and fit in, and comparatively require less maintenance.

Moreover, since aluminium is lightweight yet robust, it serves as a great security door. Additionally, with their energy-efficiency and safety, they act as weather barriers and can help regulate temperatures inside the workspace.

Although it may require regular check-ups and maintenance, these doors are budget-friendly and serve as an excellent choice for commercial buildings.

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