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Automatic Vs Manual – Which Door Is Better For Your Business?

When it comes to your business premise, having stylish yet secure features and elements are a must for the overall protection of your company.

Since creating an impressive entrance to your workplace is a must, having the best doors can help you create a professional yet modern look for your workplace without compromising on security. This means that the type of door you install in your workplace can have a considerable impact on your office’s safety and aesthetic.

With this in mind, there are two main types of commercial doors for a business – automatic and manual.

While each has its own unique features and elements, they’re both popularly used in many offices. If you’re wondering about who comes on top in the automatic doors vs manual doors debate, we have something that might help.

At Doorway Services, with our vast knowledge in expert business door installation, we’ve put together a short list that will help you make a sound decision for the best type of commercial door for your business.

Let’s take a look!

Automatic Doors – Here’s All You Need To Know

Automatic doors are an elegant yet robust fixture that suits any type of workplace. If your office receives heavy traffic, these doors serve as a great feature that regulates traffic. Their accessibility makes these doors a class apart.

Automatic doors are mainly made of glass and sport a sleek and modern look which make them a popular choice amongst commercial spaces. Moreover, since they’re designed to handle traffic, movement becomes more efficient and convenient.

When it comes to automatic doors, they are of two types –

1. Automatic Sliding Doors

A perfect solution for businesses with smaller spaces, automatic sliding doors are a stylish yet efficient door option. Whether it is upgrading your existing doors or installing new ones, these doors can be easily installed on your premises.

Moreover, with state-of-the-art sensors, these doors are well equipped with safety features that are sure to prove beneficial for your business. From offices and buildings to restaurants and shops, these doors are a great addition to any premise.

2. Automatic Swing Doors

Great for regulating traffic and keeping spaces open and bright, automatic swing doors are another popular choice amongst businesses. Although used popularly in restaurants and other eateries, swing doors are an efficient choice for your premise.

Since these doors open in either direction, they make a movement, including moving products, easier and more efficient. Moreover, since they automatically close, you don’t have to worry about slamming doors or drafts creeping in.

To Sum Up 

While automatic doors may serve as an investment, the efficiency, performance and aesthetics they bring to your business make them a worthwhile choice.  Their durability and robustness work great in terms of the security and protection of your business.

The stylish features, modern look and great security make automatic door installation a smart choice for every business.

Manual Doors – A Reliable Choice

While automatic doors are popular in commercial spaces, manual doors are popular in domestic spaces. However, they are also used across many businesses and companies. From wooden doors to steel doors, there are plenty of options available.

While automatic doors are efficient and stylish, not every business may need them. Manual doors are a great old school alternative that can be used both internally and externally in your business premises.

Features Of Manual Doors

1. Maintenance

Manual doors do not require any additional system to function, unlike automatic doors. Since they don’t use electricity, you can save on your energy bills. You don’t need to worry about them being stuck or not working as they can be easily moved. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning, these doors require next to no upkeep.

2. Security

Manual doors are usually made of robust materials that make them sturdy. When it comes to security, with strong locks in place, these doors are good to go. In case you have security concerns, consider adding personalised security locks that better suit your needs.

3. Stylish Designs

While manual doors sport a more old school charm, there are many elegant and modern designs available for you to choose from. They also serve as a pocket-friendly option that looks great at every entrance. You can also easily customise the door according to your preferred style so that it fits better with your business’ aesthetics.

Automatic Doors vs Manual Doors – Which is the Better Choice?

Since most businesses understand the importance of having a great entrance, when it comes to selecting the right door, their needs may differ. That said, while automatic doors and manual doors are both great choices, selecting the one that better fits your business’ needs serves as the best choice for you.

If your business has enough resources and wants to improve on safety, automatic doors are great as they not only improve the security of your workplace but also elevate the overall aesthetics of your office.

Additionally, although automatic doors require a little more upkeep, they definitely have a lot more advantages over manual doors, especially in commercial spaces. However, if you consider budget and funds, manual doors serve as a better pocket-friendly option that has various customisations available.

Since both types of doors have their own pros and cons, keep your specific needs in mind to narrow down which one suits your business better. From funds and budget to traffic movement and efficiency, every business has different requirements which make either door a better option for them. Similarly, by keeping these factors in mind, you can select a door that meets all your requirements.

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