Commercial Steel Doors; a customised steel entrance door in a brick building

Steel Doors for Business – Why They’re A Good Investment?

Most commercial premises have a variety of different types of doors that serve different purposes. 

Whether it is robust manual doors for the interiors of the office or automatic doors for the entrance of your premises, doors are an important element in every commercial space.

However, commercial steel doors are still underestimated and this is where we come in. 

Many businesses neglect these doors which can prove beneficial in terms of security and safety. They also have several advantages that make them a good investment for every business.

The experts at Doorway Services have put together information on all you need to know about commercial steel doors for business and how they can help.

Let’s take a look!

Why Are Commercial Steel Doors Required?

The primary function of commercial steel doors is to add safety to your premises. Often used as fire steel doors across several premises, these robust doors add extra security and protection to the space that can prove beneficial in the most unexpected situations.

While they have always been used in retail stores, schools and even nursing homes, businesses have become more inclined towards using them in the past few years as a means of additional safety.

With several options and customisations available, these doors can be easily altered to fit the requirements and needs of your business. 

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Benefits Of Commercial Steel Doors

Whether it is steel commercial exterior doors or commercial grade steel doors, no matter what you choose, with this material, you’re ensured several benefits. Some of these include –

1. Long Term Value

Whether you’re looking for just the doorframe or an entire door, out of all materials, steel doors are the ones that provide maximum long term value and therefore the most cost-effective.

When you consider the initial cost, these robust doors have a similar value to wooden doors over fibreglass doors. Additionally, with customisations available, these can be altered accordingly to fit perfectly.

However, wooden doors don’t provide the same cost-effectiveness that steel doors do as although they last longer, you must stay up to date with the required maintenance and repairs.

2. Increased Safety And Security

Steel doors are fire-resistant and provide better protection compared to wood or other doors. For security measures, many commercial buildings have implemented installing safety steel doors to ensure a quick exit during emergencies.

Regarding the time taken for these, based on the fire rating of your door which is classified accordingly, you can find a steel door that fits all your requirements.

Additionally, more advanced forms of steel doors are used across several businesses to prevent unauthorised people from gaining access. This is even more evident in safety rooms or vaults where there’s a large amount of inventory or cash.

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3. Designed To Last Long Compared To Other Counterparts

Most doors, especially wooden doors, require a fair share of maintenance and any negligence with this can affect their overall efficiency

Steel doors on the other hand are low maintenance. This means that you only need to check up on them routinely to ensure they’re in good condition. With this simple check-up, your door is bound to last longer as they’re not greatly affected by external conditions such as extreme weather.

Additionally, these doors even have insulation properties which means that they can regulate temperatures in the premises making them a great investment for every business.

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