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Retail Store Layout – Tips to Organise Your Shop In 2022

Planning the layout of a store correctly is essential in maintaining its efficiency and organization.

With the New Year around the corner, reorganisation to improve your store, including the overall customer experience, can ensure that your store has better revenue in 2022.

Since many store owners undertake organisation and repairs to improve the overall premise, including the store layout design, the layout is key in your reorganisation process.

If you’re looking for retail store redesign tips, the experts at Doorway Services can help. We’ve compiled a list of the best layout design tips that businesses can benefit from in 2022.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. The Correct Floor Plan

The correct floor plan is essential in managing the store traffic and crowd movement. From the moment your customers walk in, they need to be able to get to where they need to without having to look around too much.

Deciding on the right aisles, placing the essential products where they need to be can be done once you identify the right floor plan. From a straight and a loop plan to an angular or free-flow plan, there are many different store layout design options you can consider.

Out of all of these, a free flow plan offers you the most flexibility to design and you can add whatever type of door that fits with your premise and enhances its aesthetics.

2. Stock Smartly

More often than not, many store owners stock too many quantities of the same product across the shelves. While display merchandise is essential, going overboard is not helpful in any way. 

Based on the brand perception you want to create, you need to stock your products accordingly. If your business is a luxurious boutique, you may not want to overwhelm or cramp the store with too many products. 

At the same time, if you have a general store, you’ll need to display most of your essential products at the front so that people can easily access them.

By creating a solid strategy on how you want your store to be perceived, you can organise and make changes with your stock and improve your overall store layout design.

3. Free Movement Of Traffic

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is to facilitate free movement of traffic across the store. From queue management systems to self-checkout options, there are many different ways you can ensure that there’s easy movement of traffic.

While taking care of safety precautions, for example, installing good fire or steel safety doors to having enough space between aisles, making arrangements for people to move around will let customers easily reach wherever they want.

This will also make their shopping experience pleasant as nobody likes navigating a crowd to reach where they want to go.

It’s okay to have many shelves filled with products, however, if the path to reach them is constantly crowded, your customers may have a hard time finding what they want.

4. Change Your Displays Regularly

The rules around changing your display vary and mainly depend on the type of store you’re running. Most store-owners change their displays at least once a week.

Whether it is changing the clothing on a mannequin or featuring new products on the main shelves, there are many ways every retail store owner can upgrade their displays and reorganise them. 

Additionally, whenever a new product shipment is received, make sure to switch up your merchandising.

With this, also pay attention to what sells better and what is the target audience for that particular product. 

If your store is located on a busy street, you may want to switch your displays more frequently to increase your chances of attracting more customers

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Organising your store is key as it ensures the smooth and efficient running of your business. By taking care of the main elements of the store, you can ensure that it is well organised and provides a good customer shopping experience.

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