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Top 4 Ways Retailers Can Manage Foot Traffic During The Festive Season

Christmas and New Year’s are the biggest holidays, with many people stepping out for shopping and last-minute gifts.

This means that the festive season is a great time for retailers to maximise their revenue as their stores witness a visible increase in foot traffic. However, based on how well they manage their traffic, their sales can be directly impacted.

With massive promotions and discounts during the holiday season, it’s a given that there’ll be tons of crowds in every retail store. This makes having good crowd management strategies in place essential for increasing revenue.

If you’re looking for tips to effectively manage the crowd during this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. 

In this blog, the experts at Doorway Services have put together a few crowd management strategies that can help retailers during the festive season.

Let’s take a look!

1. Take Safety Precautions Beforehand

With so many events and discounts during the festive season, most retail stores will attract a larger crowd than usual. With the many people in your store, along with the possibility of overcrowding, taking safety precautions beforehand is an effective way to keep your customers safe.

This means that from door repair and maintenance, aisle organisation to checking shelves and additional staff, there’s a lot you need to do. Since your automatic doors will see an increase in the influx of customers, getting them checked should be a priority.

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2. Proper Queue Management

With eager customers rushing around looking to make quick purchases and take advantage of discounts, disorganisation in your store is a given if you don’t have proper crowd management strategies in place.

In such cases, queue management can prove beneficial.

Whether it is utilising additional staff, making arrangements for queues to move at a steady pace or using dividers to manage the flow of the crowd, there are many methods and techniques you can use. You could also consider implementing self-service tools and digital queue systems to improve the processes.

With a less hectic atmosphere and quicker checkout process, waiting times are reduced to a minimum, making your store more efficient and organised.

3. Make The Most Of The Space

Safety and queue management is possible only when your store is not cramped, with enough space to facilitate the flow of traffic.  With a lack of open spaces to move around, your customers will have difficulty reaching the places they wish to.

Since holiday sales account for a considerable amount of your annual revenue, doing all you can to ensure your customers have a safe and pleasant experience will work in your favour.

Additionally, by making enough space to let your customers move around and look for all they need, there’s a chance that they’ll end up purchasing more.

4. Keep Your Staff Prepared

The festive season is a hectic time for shopping that requires all your staff to be alert to avoid any risks or issues. Having enough staff on hand can help you properly manage the store and take care of all the customers.

Consider hiring temporary staff for the festive season to leverage the days fully if need be. However, you’ll need to brief your team on what to expect and what they need to do if any problems arise.

Moreover, you’ll also need to keep them up to date with safety measures so that they’re prepared for all situations. From teaching your employees how to handle peak hours to effectively managing stressful situations, training your staff can ensure that your store runs smoothly with everyone performing their best.

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These crowd management strategies, when effectively implemented, can be beneficial for almost any retail store during the holiday season.

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