Common Commercial Doors For Business; A glass door opening to enter a retail store.

4 Common Types Of Commercial Doors Every Business Needs

Quite often, you tend to undermine the impact that business doors have over your customers when they visit your commercial property. Luckily, at Doorway Services, we have mastered what it takes to fulfil this feature while promising maximum protection for you and your customers. 

That said, like any other segment, commercial doors have some commonalities too with regards to their type. For your assistance, we have curated this list of common commercial doors for businesses along with some handy tips to keep in mind while purchasing them. 

Common Types of Commercial Doors

1. Roll Up Doors

Roll-up doors are the most common type of commercial door for your business. As the name suggests, they work on roll-up mechanisms.

Because of their common nature, manufacturers design them in various styles, colours, materials along with other benefits to make your store entrance as attractive as possible. 

If end-to-end security is your objective, at Doorway Services our range of Dane Shutters is second to none. We are the only business in the country who can install, repair and maintain this kind of robust, heavy-duty door. 

2. Fire Rated Doors 

Fire-rated doors are common but important for commercial businesses that have regular contact with chemicals and other hazardous fumes that can easily catch fire.

Since fire breakouts are uncertain and unpredictable, every type of business should install a fire door, whether they deal with combustible materials or not. The safety of your commercial building is a priority which makes having fire-rated doors installed a norm. 

Install our range of fire doors as they are made of materials that are fire-resistant which means they can help minimise the spread in case of a fire outbreak. 

3. Scissor Gates

Another type of common door for commercial buildings like banks and lending institutions, scissor gates are made of high-quality steel and other preferred materials to ensure maximum security to your business

As the name suggests, scissor gates are durable yet intricately designed to form multiple scissor-like patterns as a whole. This door can easily expand and shorten according to your preferences. 

4. Overhead Doors 

Overhead doors are usually found in massive warehouses or garages. This is because along with providing security to these huge establishments, they are an absolute space saver. Unlike sliding doors, they can be rolled upwards. 

At Doorway Services, we ensure to use high-quality materials for the appropriate kind of doors that are apt for your business. Our experience in the commercial door industry enables us to deliver the best products to you at competitive prices. 

This is exactly the reason why we think you should keep some things in mind before shopping for commercial doors for your establishment. 

Tips to Purchase Right Kind of Door

1. Type of Material 

Ideally, for a commercial setting, you should look for doors made of sturdy materials that can withstand pressure, dynamic weather conditions and vivid temperatures. 

Doorway Services has been in the business long enough to cater to your needs perfectly by making plenty of material selections available to you! 

Choose from a variety of our products for your expert commercial doors solutions and make your business safe.

2. Choose the Model 

To make sure you choose the right model and material, you must investigate your commercial space well. After this, observe the weather and surroundings of your establishments to choose the most suitable model.

In terms of models, be it – automatic doors, swing doors, aluminium doors or steel doors, we have got it all! 

It is understandable that you might need assistance in this area to ensure what you choose is right and that is why we are just a call away

3. Select a Trusted Provider 

Not just with doors, a trusted provider should be chosen for any purchase or investment you make in your business. Choose a provider that has the experience and the necessary credentials that make their service trustworthy for you. 

After all, commercial doors are an investment that you are making to ensure your business remains safe and secure in the long run. This is why it is an absolute must to invest some amount of your profits into this necessity without compromising on quality. 

Get In Touch With Doorway Services For Expert Commercial Doors Solutions

Another important aspect that comes with new installations of commercial doors is their maintenance

At Doorway Services, we understand the importance of your time and ensure to provide expert services in terms of maintenance of your new and old commercial door installations. 

Unforeseen events can damage your business in unimaginable ways and this is why you need to be prepared, just in case.

We have bespoke business doors to cater to all your preferences. 

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