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5 Tips to Keep Your Shop Safe from Shoplifters

A major concern in retail stores of all sizes is the increasing amount of theft. This has led to managers and business owners looking for new tips to prevent shoplifting. 

Not only can shoplifting result in financial losses but it can also create a sense of insecurity in the minds of business owners, employees and customers. 

That’s why it is extremely important for you to take the right steps to prevent shoplifters from causing damage to your business! However, as shoplifters get more and more creative with theft, it becomes difficult to find the best possible measures to prevent it! 

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about a few strategies that will significantly help you with retail theft prevention and protect your business from shoplifters.

1. Commercial Door Solutions

By investing in commercial door solutions, you can greatly reduce the risk of shoplifting in your store. Our special door solutions offer you a range of security features that can help with better protection for your commercial property

With the help of high-security locks, shatter-resistant glass, reinforced frames and hinges and keyless entry systems, you can control who has access to your store. Not only will this prevent shoplifters from entering the store but it will also help stop one leaving if they’re caught in the act.

Furthermore, you can also opt for automatic doors to control foot traffic in your retail store and provide enhanced security to your customers and employees. With automatic locking features, authorised personnel entry and so much more, our automatic commercial doors are the way to go.

2. Employee Training

Regardless of whether you’ve got security personnel or retail store employees, employee training is essential. Training your employees to handle shoplifting incidents can greatly help reduce the risks of mishappenings due to panic and unpreparedness.

There are workshops and sessions available that include tips on how to deal with a shoplifter, confront a suspected robber and de-escalate a situation. 

More importantly, you need to train your employees to keep themselves safe, to prevent damage to customers and with the procedure to follow in emergencies. Not only will this help increase security against shoplifting but it will also allow you to build a safe working environment for your employees.

3. Using Technology for Enhanced Security

Deterring shoplifters is now made easier with a wide range of technological solutions for increased security. These measures can include CCTV cameras, alarm systems and, most importantly, EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) solutions. 

Used across the world today, EAS systems efficiently help prevent shoplifting by creating an invisible barrier that triggers an alarm if an unpaid-for item passes through it. This will alert your security personnel employees every time an item is being shoplifted from your store. 

Alongside that, using a security camera will help you get a visual record of shoplifters trying to steal items from your store. Put together, these different technological advancements can make your store safer and more secure.

4. Actively Monitoring High Risk Areas

Every retail store has certain areas that attract greater attention from shoplifters due to high-value items or security vulnerabilities. As a store owner or manager, it is your duty to make sure that these areas are monitored more actively.

This can prevent you from great losses and can also discourage shoplifters from even trying to target those areas. To effectively enhance security in these areas, you can install more cameras and direct your personnel to pay extra attention to the high-risk areas in the store.

5. Take Help From the Police

Closely working with law enforcement to prevent shoplifting can be a very good idea for store owners and managers. This means maintaining good relations with the local police station and taking advice from them!

Moreover, establishing procedures to get in touch with the closest law enforcement team in case of an emergency can help mitigate risks after an incident.

Finally, you can also take help from the police to train your employees in terms of dealing with potential threats and shoplifters.

Choose Doorway Services for Secure Commercial Door Solutions

With these simple tips to prevent shoplifting in your store, you can rest assured that your store will be safe from theft and shoplifters.

What’s more, with our high-quality commercial door solutions, we can provide you with the best safety measures for your commercial property.

Whether you own a garage business, a retail store or any other private office, our door solutions are specially designed to provide you with enhanced security.

Along with our high-tech commercial door solutions, we also offer door maintenance and repair services to our customers.

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