Airport security, airport terminal filled with passengers waiting to board their respective flights.

Airport Security – Our Top 5 Tips to Improve Passenger Safety

When it comes to the safety and protection of passengers, the aviation industry takes airport security very seriously.

However, having this mindset alone will only result in longer wait times and increased frustration amongst passengers. Fortunately, there are certain things that can be implemented to make the entire airport experience faster and smoother – thanks to the latest technological advancements!

At Doorway Services, we’ve put together a list of 5 safety measures that can help improve the security of your airport while making other processes easier.

Let’s take a look.

1. Regularly Perform Security Audits

The first and most important step that you need to take when improving your passenger safety is to perform frequent security audits throughout the facility. In doing so, you can find what is working properly and what isn’t.

For this step, you could employ an airport security expert to help identify various safety challenges and understand other security needs.

When it comes to security audits, the report usually includes:

  • A complete evaluation of the airport and its grounds.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the current technologies being used.
  • A complete understanding of the current emergency plans and safety procedures.
  • Examination of existing asset protection tactics.

Once this vulnerability assessment is complete, you can go through the evaluations, inspections and recommendations mentioned in the report and accordingly make changes to your current security processes.

What’s more, by performing regular inspections, you not only get a clear picture of the key areas that need immediate attention but also get to prepare a comprehensive security plan for both your airport and travellers.

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2. Implement Physical Safety Measures

While it’s essential to become familiar with the latest technological advancements and include them in your facility, it’s equally important for airports to continue investing in physical safety measures.

That way, not only will you create a safe environment for your passengers but also ensure that they’re protected at all times.

For instance, you could add queue management systems to make better decisions during peak periods while also easing common chokepoints like passport security and control.

Similarly, you could install automatic sliding doors at every checkpoint. In doing so, you make the process of entering and leaving the airport easier by eliminating the need to use hands to push open the door. This way, you also ensure that nobody comes in contact with contaminated surfaces.

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3. Upgrade the Screening Lanes

When it comes to airport security, body scanners are commonly used equipment; but they aren’t always accurate. They can slow the screening process and may also raise health issues.

Moreover, many professionals believe that body scanners and pat-downs are better saved for random checks. This is because it not only saves time for your airport authorities but also paves the way for the installation of automated screening lanes.

These upgraded lanes can take images of luggage before it’s passed through an x-ray machine and, if identified as dangerous, redirect them to a different lane.

While this might seem like an add-on task, it only reduces the wait time of travellers while maintaining a steady flow of bags in the main lane. Additionally, the installation of automatic screening lanes streamlines your overall security and improves customer satisfaction by expediting the screening process.

4. Leverage Facial Recognition Software

Another exceptional security feature is facial recognition software, something that the majority of us are already aware of. However, the process of using this software at airports is just in its infancy.

That said, once airports start using this technology in a full-fledged way, they can enable passengers to check-in, drop off their luggage and also board the flight by scanning their face. Similarly, by installing e-passport gates, airports can simply scan the travellers’ passport chip and then their face to verify the identity.

Put simply, these technologies will not only speed up the passenger identification process but also free up the time of top-level airport authorities.

5. Offer Regular Training to Your Employees

Although implementing the latest technologies is a great way to improve airport security, one cannot ignore the significance of high quality training programs.

Every airport needs to include a customised training program in its security plan to ensure their employees are fully trained in terms of security devices, equipment, quality control and risk assessments.

After all, you’d want your security personnel to be prepared to tackle any and every kind of threat.

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With so many travellers passing through your airport doors day-in and day-out, you require a diligent and competent partner to improve your overall passenger safety.

Moreover, with the right partner, you could not only offer the utmost security but also ensure a positive passenger experience.

At Doorway Services, we can change or adapt our plans as per your security challenges and install the perfect automatic doors at your facility. Give us a call today to discuss your passenger safety needs.