Enhance your pharmacy's security for better workplace safety and efficiency.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Pharmacy’s Security

Whilst not a typical target at risk, it’s crucial to ensure your pharmacy is conscious of its security – to protect from not only external threats but also to ensure you are legally protected. 

Owning a pharmacy means you need to stay vigilant and update your existing structures frequently for maximum protection and workplace efficiency.

With the paranoia and subsequent lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacies are facing a considerable increase in foot traffic and due to social distancing – longer queues. People require different medicines for various health issues; meaning enhancing your pharmacy’s security has become more crucial than ever.

From entry points like doors and windows to medicine storage and dispensing areas, many aspects of your premise can be enhanced and made more secure to ensure safety for you and your customers.

Doorway Services has listed out a few ways you can enhance your pharmacy’s security so that you can focus on your work and patient care.

Let’s take a look!

1. Install Cameras and Alarms

Installing alarms that cover your entire premise will help you monitor your pharmacy at all times. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or robbery, instant notification and visual evidence can help you deal with the crisis more efficiently. 

Furthermore,  updating and changing alarm codes frequently, and storing camera data securely will help you take extra precaution to maintain maximum safety. 

Additionally, installing cameras that cover not only the entrance and exit doors but also all the blind spots of your premise will ensure effective monitoring of your pharmacy.

2. Upgrade Existing Doors and Windows

When it comes to increased traffic, a systematic, controlled and efficient way of entering your building can make things more organised. In the case of break-ins, doors and windows both serve as entry points for robbers to enter your pharmacy. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade both to increase their durability and security.

With this in mind, installing automatic sliding doors help enhance the security of your pharmacy. You can also install traffic flow solutions to better maintain social distancing and keep your visitors and staff safe. 

Furthermore, increase the efficiency of your automatic doors and windows by installing alarms and motion detectors to enhance your pharmacy’s overall security.

3. Using Robust Shelves and Units

Using fixed shelves and units that are strong and durable is highly beneficial and will help enhance your pharmacy’s security. Through this, organising products becomes easier, allowing customers to find what they’re looking for without much assistance.

Shelves and units that are built for easy access, especially in terms of height and space, will allow easy access to products. Moreover, using strong materials for shelves will avoid any accidents or damage.

Leaving enough space between shelves by creating wide aisles will help reduce clutter and allow customers to move freely.

4. Automated Dispensing Equipment

Automated dispensing equipment or decentralised medical distribution systems allow computer-controlled recording and tracking of medications. With the available variety in this equipment, finding the right one for your pharmacy will improve security.

Widely used in hospitals, automated dispensing equipment ensures a smooth and efficient workflow while also maintaining safety. This prevents any chance of misuse or inaccuracy in the tracking of medications, meaning pharmacy automation is something that you must consider.

Another advantage – you can spend more time with patients and taking care of their requirements.

Contact Doorway Services for Automatic Sliding Door Installation

There are many different methods which you can adopt to ensure the protection and safety of your pharmacy. Identifying the areas that you can improve will help you safeguard the workplace.

With this in mind, since doors are the main entry point of every premise, installing robust and durable doors that provide security is important for your pharmacy. 

At Doorway Services, our expertise on door installation, repair, and maintenance allows us to help you by providing the best commercial doors, including automatic doors, for your business.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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