Pharmacy Maintenance Tips; a pharmacist inspecting a medicine in a storage area

4 Pharmacy Organisation and Maintenance Tips To Consider in 2021

While organising and being aware of basic pharmacy maintenance tips have always been important for your workplace, the chaos we experienced over the last year has given us a better understanding of how to be more effective.

Although there are stock control procedures in place in every pharmacy, there are times when the clutter and disorganisation can affect the efficiency of the workplace. 

That said, by following essential pharmacy maintenance tips, you can ensure that your workplace is functioning smoothly at all times.

From security features like doors and windows to good stock management and additional storage, there’s a lot you can do for better organisation and uniformity in your pharmacy.

At Doorway Services, we’ve put together a short list of pharmacy maintenance tips that will help you keep your workplace clean and efficient at all times.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Narrow Down The Problem Areas

The first thing you need to do is to take a step back and identify the key areas that challenge the efficiency of your pharmacy. Whether it is cluttered shelves or recording and stock management errors, you need to narrow down on the problem areas of your workplace.

Since your pharmacy has a steady influx of customers every day, there’s a high chance that your problem areas may have a negative impact on them as well. For example, inefficient product placement can lead to customers spending a lot of their time searching for a particular product before they give up and approach you. Another possibility could be you spending loads of time trying to find a specific product that was misplaced.

Since it’s very human to have a little clutter, when it reaches the point of impacting your efficiency, you need to step back and decide how to solve it. By identifying the key challenging areas, you get a better understanding of what aspect of your pharmacy you need to improve on.

2. Check Up On Key Elements

One of the most important pharmacy maintenance tips to follow is that you need to check on the main elements of your premise. This means that you need to do a maintenance check of the doors, windows, shelves and other features of your pharmacy. 

Since your doors are, unsurprisingly, the primary entry point of your workplace, making sure they are well-maintained is essential. There’s a high chance that you have automatic glass doors as they are usually more secure and efficient for your premise. However, if not, consider installing an automatic glass swing door or sliding door for your workplace.

Furthermore, your windows along with their frames need to be checked to see if there are any exposed areas for drafts to enter. Additionally, the storage shelves need to be cleaned and organised; if they need to be updated or changed, make this a priority for better functionality and productivity in your workplace.

3. Prepare A Schedule And Workflow

Another important method to keep things organised and timely is to have a dedicated work schedule and workflow. From tidying shelves and check-ups to recording products and placing orders, streamlining the procedures for each task can help your pharmacy immensely.

One idea you could try out is to establish time intervals between each task to make room in case there are any discrepancies. Moreover, through the creation of a solid workflow and schedule, accountability is established as each individual is responsible for task completion.

Furthermore, to avoid chaos during busy hours or when there are too many customers, having a standardised workflow in place can make it easy to direct people where they need to be. Although these practices may require some time to getting used to, they’re sure to prove beneficial in the long run.

4. Clear The Clutter

One major area that you need to focus on is to get rid of any clutter in your workplace. Whether it is personal belongings or faulty products, making sure that there is no clutter can ensure that your pharmacy is organised at all times.

With this in mind, consider having weekly or fortnightly cleaning days for your pharmacy. Through this, not only do you make sure that the place is organised at all times, but you also ensure that you have a check about the different products and features of your pharmacy.

Additionally, if required, you can also consider additional storage for your medicines and products to make sure that your workplace stays organised and efficient at all times.

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By making sure you follow key pharmacy maintenance tips, you ensure a productive workplace.

With this in mind, since doors are the main entry point of every premise, installing robust and durable doors that provide security and efficiency is important for your pharmacy. 

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