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4 Reasons Why Sliding Doors Are Better Than Standard Manual Doors

Depending on the type of workspace you have, you’ll need to find the right type of commercial door that enhances the security, efficiency and overall productivity of the space.

When you consider the best commercial doors, automatic doors, especially glass doors are a favourite for many.

This brings us to the question, are sliding doors worth it?

For both small and bigger commercial areas, sliding doors are a common feature as they help save space, are efficient, and add to the overall security of the commercial space.

However, although there may be many advantages of commercial doors, people often assume that they’re not as reliable as standard manual doors. This is far from true as sliding doors have several benefits that they bring to the workplace, perhaps even more than a manual door would.

The experts at Doorway Services have put together a blog on the advantages of sliding doors and why this makes them a better choice.

Let’s take a look!

1. They’re Energy Efficient

Sliding doors are common in most modern office spaces, especially ones looking to save on their energy costs. This is because they act as efficient insulators that successfully prevent the cold air from escaping the premises.

Most sliding doors can also be fitted with composite gaskets. These act as weather insulators and provide optimal insulation against all external weather conditions.

2. They Allow For Smooth Movement of Traffic

Traditional doors may impede pedestrian flow and cause inefficiencies in the flow of traffic as they take time to open and close during peak traffic hours. Sliding doors here can play a vital role in smooth movement as they’re automatic and allow people to move freely.

Standard manual doors only offer enough space for one or two people to move through. These doors may look sturdy but they suffer a higher amount of wear and tear since they’re not designed to withstand the constant motion of opening and closing. 

With customisations based on the premises’ needs available, the many advantages of sliding doors make them an excellent choice for every office space.

3. They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

Sliding doors create an aesthetically pleasing entryway and are suitable for every office aesthetic. Their sleek and seamless design along with the ability to add to the spacious feel make these practical doors a suitable element for every commercial space. In comparison, manual doors are usually bulky and can add to the space feeling more compact and smaller.

Since sliding doors are usually made of glass and stainless steel, they also allow for light to enter the premises along with unobstructed views of the entryway. A design that allows for a clear picture of both inside and outside the premises makes the space seem bigger.

4. They Enhance Safety And Security 

With safety glass as one of the main components of these automatic doors, sliding doors are not something we need to worry about when it comes to the security of your office. The mechanism for sliding doors along with the robust materials used to make them, add to the safety and security of the premises.

Since security is always an important factor to consider when purchasing commercial doors, you need to be sure you get value out of your investment. With these doors, you get that and more as the advantages of sliding doors enhance every factor one needs to consider for their commercial space.

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